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Missing 5x50? How about Juneathon 2013?

Missing 5x50?  How about Juneathon 2013?

mrqwest mentioned this, so I went to have a look.

It is just like 5x50, but not as prescriptive, and doesn't collect data for you - basically, you pledge to try and run every day in June, and keep a blog (eg wordpress) - but you can do other things if you prefer. There's a facebook page too.

From the site:




Juneathon is an annual festival of activity and excuses. Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day?''

So, maybe a bit crazy (I quite like the mention of excuses!), but as I'm probably going to keep exercising anyway... Though maybe it doesn't add much more than blogging on here. But I'd been thinking about setting up a running blog anyway.

I haven't quite decided yet, but thought others might be interested. So there you go. :)

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Can I count my exercise classes cos I can't run every day and do them it would kill me!!


Sounds like a fun idea to me ... Would serve to prepare me for 5x50 next time it occurs. :)

My problem would not be finding an activity every day, but getting an Internet signal every day :( we've changed Internet provider at home (it was a financial decision) and the new provider is worse than useless ... my PC is gathering cobwebs in a corner of the house where the rare signal wont reach, I'm here now on an iPad a few feet only from the router - darned uncomfortable! LOL


Hi. Just looking at their site on my own iPad and I can't scroll through the participants. Are you the same?

Shame about your wifi. I don't have any easy answers but your provider's helpdesk should be able to help. It's almost certainly a setting on the router. It could be interference from another device. Maybe changing the channel setting would help? Or maybe the 'version' (b, n, etc.) on the router is different from your devices? It could be a lot of things.


Thanks! Yes, I'm unable to scroll on the iPad so was unable to see other new entrants ... Consequently haven't yet registered :(

As for Internet providers ... Our new one is one of the 'biggies' - advertising everywhere and sponsoring loads of TV progs. Their help desk talked me through the probs (I taught IT for over 20 years and ran wide campus networks, so am not a complete novice) to no avail. Been there, done that. When the dweeb asked if I had any radiators, walls or doors close by I almost exploded that this was a house, what did he ruddy well expect? He did not want to hear that we'd had a wifi house for several years and run 2 desktops, iPads, reading tablets, phones and all the things that two adult sons both employed in the IT industry could bring into the place. Dweeb sent us another router and a new TV box. The TVbox doesn't work - it can't find a signal - six feet away from router in next door room! Will get back to them but we have linked into a contract, so not happy about things ... I reckon I can terminate on the grounds of 'not as advertised/fit for purpose', quoting consumer rights etc ... other half not convinced. Humphhhffft grrrrrrrr watch this space! ;) :D


I remember now about the teaching. Sorry for having a terrible memory.

Oh dear! I guess if they won't release the contract you could threaten a small court action on the basis of breach of contract? But I'm not a lawyer ... Seems unreasonable to hold you to a contract if they can't get their service to work.

I had a similar problem with Talk Talk ... GRRRR and a mate suggested BT. Not because they are especially good, but because they are responsible end to end (Talk Talk was blaming the router, the (replaced three times with different models) router people blamed the BT line, BT blamed the ISP and the router). Switched to them and, after a few set-up niggles, everything has been fine. Not particularly quick, but at least it's stable. And I no longer need a repeater. I'm in a very old house with thick stone walls that block the signal, but the BT router does a grand job.


I just couldn't resist this Greeners, thats me signed up.


Oh goody! I see you! :)


Great ... Just found there's already a group on the website called C25K :)


You were very quick off the mark I hadn't acknowledged their email. Does it look OK now?


It says you can count whatever you like!

"What is a Juneathon? It's primarily a running challenge, but if you can't or don't want to run every day, you can still join in by cycling, walking, rowing, weights, swimming, building sandcastles or whatever. Just do something every day in June."

I've just been reading some of the blogs - mmm mostly seem to be young and fitter than many of us. But are we going to be daunted by that? No. :)

If I can do 5x50, I can do this.

So I've made myself a little blog page (much more fun than doing the paperwork I should have been doing) and I'm going to sign up. Here's my miniblog so far. :)

Any more takers? The making a blog page doesn't have to take long - wordpress is one free blog place -!/my-blogs/ but there are others, and you can download a pre-made framework. But it's very tempting to play about with it to personalise it. :D

Come on, you know you want to! And if not, I shall do it on my own. :)


Oh no ! I'm so tempted.......;-)


Dunnit !!


I like the idea of it but I dont think I could blog about it every day - that would be harder than the exercise in my book! :O

I am personally liking OldNed's idea of setting a personal challenge of x-number of kms to run in a month...not 100k yet though!!



You could do the two running side by side Sue ;)


The blogging aspect is putting me off too and would prefer an alternative challenge.


Now you're getting me worried! :O I thought of the blogging side as being pretty minimal - like the comments on the 5x50 site and maybe some like on here. I'm not anticipating to do more than that, and it's for me, to keep me on track, rather than for anyone else. :O

Maybe Malcy's got something up his sleeve though?


Just found my name cropping up - but I've only skimmed the topic. I'll have a loser lookmin the morning andif I can help, you know I will


I quite like the idea of this but have never set up a blog site... bit of an old technophobe... :-(


It doesn't have to be complicated if you just use a pre-designed one and don't want to prettify it, and just write a bit each day. :)

It's when you get carried away with tweaking it that it takes up time. :D


I'm not going to be twittering, tweaking I'll have enough on my plate blogging and jogging!! ;)


He he! Sounds like a baby bird waiting to jump out of its nest! :D

No twittering here, either. :)


Well having failed to get the Sam b210k working on my phone today I have confirmed my useless status! Ended up running to Stepping Stones as took too long messing about! Grrr! :-(


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