NHS C25K App FAIL!!!

W5D2 last week - supposed to have been 2 runs of 8mins seperated by a 5m walk. Anyway, I have learnt to trust the app but this time it seriously failed me! For some reason it seemed to go slow & I reckon I ended up doing way more running than supposed to - I was out for nearly an hour rather than the usual 30mins!!!

Anybody else come across a similar issue? The only thing that was different was that my iPhone wasn't on silent (as it usually is) and I had quite a few pings from texts coming in - but surely this shouldn't affect the app running should it????

Anyway, it did make the 20min run the next time a bit easier lol


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9 Replies

  • Aaaaargh nightmare! Thankfully, no I haven't had a problem! Good luck on future runs xx

  • I had a problem on w5r3 whereby i ran for 5 minutes and then it restarted telling me I had run 5 minutes when I had then done 10. Very off putting when you are struggling anyway. Not feeling very trusting on the app front now. Good luck with your next run

  • I've not used the app but there seems to have been lots of posts from people having problems with the app.

    If you have an iPhone download the podcasts from the iTunes Store. The music is rubbish but at least you known the timings are correct.

  • Well I had exactly the same problem, using an iphone and in the end I had to run without Laura although I listened to the 5 mins at each end for encouragement.

  • Yes I had exactly the same problem, on week 6 run 1 the 8 minutes turned into 16 minutes somehow?! And then on run 2 Laura didn't tell me to stop running after 10 minutes but carried on and on. Luckily I had a watch on so I knew she had gone over. I've given up with trusting her now :( . Think i will just make sure I have a watch on from now on to keep an eye on the time. Naughty Laura!

  • I've only ever used the podcasts and find them excellent. I've heard people have had problems with the app. I put my phone on silent when I'm running so I don't get the text notifications - that may well be what's causing your app to fail as the text pings stop the music in the podcasts (which I enjoy as you can keep in time to the bpm of the music).

    I still alternate all three c25k+ podcasts - I've been doing so over a year as I can't enjoy a run without Laura chivvying me along!

  • Thanks guys, never actually realised the app and podcasts were different!

    I think the text pings on loud were what caused it now you mention it. Bloody annoying but at least it showed I can run for a long time lol

  • I had exactly the same problem with the app on this run. I usually count down the tracks I am listening to to get any idea of how long I have left so thought the first 8. Injures was going in forever! Ended up running for over 10 minutes before I looked at the app to realise it had stopped working!

  • I am having same problem! I ran for twenty minutes today and when I checked the app it claimed I had ot run three! Been fine up I till week 5. It seems to stop counting down as soon as the phone shuts to screen saver. I also use MapMyRun at the same time but never been a problem until week 5. Really annoying!

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