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5km in 27'47" and it was hot!

Hi all

Now that I've graduated I have started weight training again. I had a session focused on my legs on Sunday morning and it has taken until today to recover enough to go for a run. I hope my recovery times go down enough so I can do two runs and three weights sessions a week. One run will be 5km and the other will build up to 10km.

Today was the hottest weather that I have run in so far and it was tough. I couldn't push myself fully because my legs are not 100% from the weights and once I got to 3km my energy levels dropped because of the heat, but I hope that if I keep running in the heat I will get faster. Here are my km splits:

1km - 5'06"

2km - 5'15"

3km - 5'26"

4km - 6'01"

5km - 5'55"

And here is a link to more info and a map:

Next run will be 9km on Saturday morning, I'm looking forward to it!

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Wow impressive running well done, I haven't quite got to your speed yet but I find the more training that I do the quicker I recover so am sure you will soon be running and training 5 times a week.


Thanks for the kind words and I hope that my recovery times will improve in the next few weeks.


great stats, well done, I can't get below 6, but I will!!!! :)


Thanks and the speed will come with perseverance!


That's one really speedy graduate.............just fantastic.


Thanks for the kind comment!


I found that over the last year my recovery window has definitely got a lot shorter, I worried at one point that my legs would always ache between runs, but now they are at the point where sometimes they are immediately ok, so stick with it and you will notice the recovery speeding up and your legs changing shape.



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