Couch to 5K

8km in 49 minutes - 3rd run after C25K

HI all!

I have decided to increase my distance by 1km per week to get up to 10km, so this morning was my 8km run. I used google maps to plan my route and made sure I ran past a few friends and families houses so I could show off afterwards! I tried to stay at a steady pace and I think I was reasonably successful. My aim is to run a sub 60 minute 10km in a few weeks time and I think I am on course to do so.

Here are my km splits:

1km - 6'04"

2km - 6'12"

3km - 6'26"

4km - 6'14"

5km - 6'01"

6km - 6'02"

7km - 5'47"

8km - 6'03"

Below is a link to my run:

My wife has seen how C25K has got me running successfully so she will be starting soon and I have promised that I will run with her for the first few weeks to give her some encouragement. So later today I will be running W1R1 again!

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Woohoo - Just noticed that I have my graduation badge!


Great stats son and I are doing the same, having jumped to 10k too quickly after C25K and then hurting my knee.

You are certainly on track to achieve your goal, well done :)


Looking very good! Especially the grad badge!

Brilliant that you've inspired your wife to start running too. :) Hope you really enjoy your running together.

(Mind you, having my husband run with me would have meant I'd have given up in the first week - he can walk quite a bit faster than I can run!)


Great running times. You are certainly doing very well. I like your plan. Good luck (not that you need luck) :-D


Great run you are very inspiring and good luck to your wife im sticking at 5km at the moment and trying to up my pace ran whole minute faster this morning enjoy your run with your wife x


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