First Park Run - 5km in 24'31"!!!

Hi all!

I ran my first Park Run just now and it was fun. It's the first time I have run with anyone else and it was good to pace myself against other runners. I knocked off almost a minute off my PB!

I tried to be sensible at the beginning and not set off at breakneck speed, but it was a bit hard to reign myself in when some guys seems to set off like they are Usain Bolt! I began faster than I usually do but it still felt comfortable, I didn't hear my app giving me my 1km time because I was still in a bit of a pack then and it was a bit noisy, however when I got to 2km I was in a pack of three and heard the app saying 2km in 9'21" so I knew I was at a good pace. It was tough from then on because I had used a lot of energy however I decided to try and keep up with the two people I was running with. They both managed to pull away from me but I knew I was still at a good pace so I tried to make sure they didn't pull away too much. My app called 5km about 100m before the finish line so my times below will not agree exactly to the Park Run results when I get them later today, however I expect a bit of difference, however the Park Run time should still be under 25 minutes and that was my aim. Here are my splits:

1km - 4'28"

2km - 4'53"

3km - 4'52"

4km - 5'05"

5km - 5'13"

Here is a link to my run:

Also I was flying the flag for C25K because I was wearing my C25K graduate shirt!

Update: I came in 17th out of 43!


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18 Replies

  • well done, what are the C25K t shirts like? and where do you get them from?

  • Thanks! The shirts are good, use the link below:

    You can't see the logo on the website but I have uploaded a pic of me wearing mine, I'll post the link below.

  • Wow and well done you. Congratulations on a great run

  • Thanks, I'm looking forward to next weeks run now!

  • See- you are bionic man, well done!

  • Thanks!

  • What a fabulous time ! You're a bit of a star :-)

  • Thanks for the kind words, but the real praise should go to whoever created C25K in the first place!

  • That's amazing! Well done. Those are amazing splits too - I am officially in awe.

  • Thanks Dan! I feel grateful that I stumbled across C25K because a few months ago a could hardly walk a few kms let alone run 5km in a reasonable time.

  • Wow - what a brilliant time! Isn't it amazing how the other runners pull you along and you do things you would never believe possible? Keep at it and you'll not only be able to keep up with those other two guys ... you'll soon be shooting past them!

  • Thanks Malcy! My next aim is to be in the low 20's by the end of the year. I've come so far in a few months so I think it will be possible.

  • Oh my goodness! Amazing parkrunning Aftabs. You're a great advert for c25k! :)

  • Thanks Greenlegs! I set my running club as 'NHS Couch to 5k' and the Park Run organisers wrote a summary of the run they mentioned me because I had recently completed C25K and had a good time for someone who has only been running for 3 months!

  • You are our poster boy! :)

  • well done you, have just (yesterday) found out about park runs and registered however am still only on W3 so have a ways to go thinking of volunteering until am actually graduated, glad to see they have tail runners think we will become good buddies, great that you are flying the flag for C25K great idea happy running :-)

  • Thanks! When you get to week 9 you could definately do a Park Run. You dont have to try and do it very fast, but it is good to be in the company of other runners.

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