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My first sub 60 min 10km! 10km in 59 mins.

Hi all!

My distance runs are normally on a Saturday but I have decided to join my closest Parkrun so ran 10km this morning. I ran my first 10km this Saturday in 63 mins so my aim today was to run in sub 60 mins. I planned on running the same route as Saturday but my route goes through a park that I am unfamiliar with. As I was running through the park I decided to run a slightly different route and before I knew it I slightly lost my bearings so I ran in a circle until I got my bearings! This meant that I ran a further half km in the park so I ran a more direct route home. You can see my wandering a through the park using the link below. Incedently this is where my closest Parkrun is so I should get more familiar with the park now!

Here are my splits:

1km - 6'02"

2km - 6'05"

3km - 5'44"

4km - 6'03"

5km - 5'47"

6km - 5'48"

7km - 5'52"

8km - 5'47"

9km - 5'54"

10km - 5'57"

Here is a link to my run:


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Good luck with the parkrun ;-)




That's fantastic going Aftabs.An enviably good pace. :)

I've only done three 10ks since graduating but feel as though I'm a long way away from a sub-60 minute run. It goes OK till about 5k then it's all downhill (or, in fact, uphill looking at the times). Still I've improved with each one so, allowing for the law of diminishing returns, I should get to a 60 minute 10k in about a light year. ;-)



You're not far off a sub 60 min 10km. Before I started C25K I lost a lot of weight and had already begun cardio work, so that is paying dividends now. Have you tried some leg strengthening exercises? I have now started a few, lunges and squats, whilst holding dumbells. I am also doing some core work. I think this all helps me keep up the pace over the 10km.

Also it must be nice to be able to run along the sea for some of your route. I live in East London so there aren't any nice views along my run!


My youngest daughter used to live in Hackney and the middle one lives in Wood Green - my impression is that I'd probably run a lot faster in those areas than down here in the quiet and sunny south-west! :-)

I've never managed to work up any enthusiasm for the gym but have always done a few core exercises as a little daily routine, so that's quite strong (relatively speaking). And I've never put on any weight so am lucky in that respect too. My stamina seems OK, so the one thing that needs real improvement is leg strength in order to go faster for longer. I'm sure you're right about the lunges and squats, but I'm more inclined to try a few hills instead and feel the pain that way. ;-)


I do all my weights at home. I have a game on the Xbox called Nike+ Kinect training. It is basically an advanced exercise video, if you google it you can find out more about it. I have chosen the strength programme and I do that 2-3 times a week now. I have bought some dumbells so I use them on some exercises to increase the resistance.

It's the only time I can use the Xbox nowadays, my wife doesn't approve of me playing Call of Duty or FIFA now that we have kids!


blimey thats great, well done you bionic man!!


Thanks but I'm not bionic, the knees are aching a bit at the moment!


Still pretty good.. Bionic or not!


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