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2nd Park Run - 5km in 25'41 - Last run for a month

Hi all!

I ran my 3rd 5km in 4 days today, today was a Park Run, 2 days ago a run in a Gothenburg forest and the day before on the treadmill. So I have had some variety in my runs!

My official Park Run time was 25'41" which was slightly slower than last weeks 25'24" but still good considering the heat and the fact that I only got home late last night from Gothenburg. The attached photo is me crossing the finishing line, not the most flattering photos that has ever been taken of me, but I thought I'd share anyway.

I have decided that I am going to ditch my Nike+ app because the last two Park Runs have shown it to be inaccurate. On both occasions it timed my 5km to be a minute faster because it called 5km when I was actually at about 4.75km. I like my stats to be accurate so this has annoyed me a bit. I have decided that I'll buy myself a Garmin Forerunner 610 and also a proper running shoes, my gym shoes are getting a bit tatty.

Even though the time isn't accurate here is a link to my run per Nike+


I won't be running for a month because the Islamic month of Ramadan begins this week and Muslims who observe this month do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, so I don't think it will be wise to run. For those who want to know what Ramadan is about I have posted a link to an article I found.


I would like to thank everyone for the kinds words they have said and I will post a blog in the coming days about how I went from a 94kg couch potato in October to a 70kg avid runner today!

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3 in 4 days blimey great time considering! whats your overall target faster 5k or moving to 10k or something else?


I have already run two 10kms the fastest in 59 mins. So my aim now is to reduce both my 10km and 5km times. I think by the end of the year I should be able to get my 5km down to about 23 mins. I have come such a long was already that shaving another 30 seconds of each km should be achievable.


Well done - it was very hard work today because of the heat. It won't take you long to get back on track after Ramadan - you'll soon be back achieving PBs !


Thanks! You are right it was hot. I think it'll take me a few weeks to get up to speed when I start again and then I can try and run a sub 25 min run!


Great run again and I will miss your running blogs but will keep a eye out for you in a months time I love my garmin great piece of kit def worth getting and look forward to your blog about your wieght loss as thats great too x kate x


Thanks for the kind words.


I use the garmin forerunner 210 that i got from wiggle.com i am very happy with it and love downloading my runs and to see how i have improved, i find it to be very accurate.


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