W9R3 - Graduation! 5.6km! 5km in 26'12"!!!

W9R3 - Graduation! 5.6km! 5km in 26'12"!!!

Hi all!

Just came back from my graduation run and it went very well. I delayed it by an hour because it was so hot when I got home. Also I wore my C25K graduation top for the first time! See below for my time splits:

1km - 4'59"

2km - 5'33"

3km - 5'17"

4km - 5'20"

5km - 5'02"

I started at a fast pace and then settled in a comfortable but challenging pace. When I got to 3km I knew I was on for a 5km PB but i would have to push myself a lot. I pushed through the 4th km and then really pushed in the 5th km and reached 5km in 26'12". I then slowed down for the final 4 minutes but still ran my longest run of 5.6km. Please use the link for more detail on the run.


I would like to thank everyone who has had kind words over the last few weeks. I only started blogging half way through C25K but found it before I began the programme and have read many inspirational posts. I wish everyone good luck in their journeys and am now going to run off to get my graduation badge!

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  • Well done. Impressive times

  • Thanks Wilmacgh! I'll be trying to build up to 10km next. May have to slow down for that!

  • Yes well done, brill times! You deserve that badge!


  • Thanks Runningwild! I'm looking forward to getting the badge!

  • Congratulations upon graduating in such amazing style and speed! :D

    Although a graduate of some weeks now, I'm still nowhere near as fast as that ... I do hope you will continue and perhaps enter for some of the many races around the country - wearing your C25K shirt you'd be such a great ambassador for the programme ;)

    Best wishes and well done, Linda :)

  • Thanks Linda! There is a Park Run not far from where I live so I may go to a few of them.

  • Well done, and I agree with Linda. Get out there and promote the programme, let people see what you've achieved.

  • Well done and whata great run my next aim is 5km in30 mins hope to get there soon x

    ps love the nike website its great x

  • Thanks Mason73!

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