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5km PB!!! 25 mins 25 seconds

Hi all!

I went for an early run today because I am going to London with the Mrs. I ran my first 10km on Saturday so I thought I should be able to push it today and to beat my previous 5km PB of 26'12".

I set off very fast and felt a bit tired after 1km but whenever I felt I was slowing down I pushed myself further. After each km split I knew I was on for the PB so it felt good. It was a smooth run until the last 30 seconds when i was chased by a dog! I had to slow down a bit so it would lose interest in me, so maybe I could have run it a bit faster but I may be clutching at straws. When I finished I had to catch my breath for 30 seconds until I could begin my warm down, but another PB so it was worth it. Here are my splits:

1km - 4'38"

2km - 5'15"

3km - 5'05"

4km - 5'21"

5km - 5'06"

And here is a link to my run:

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wow !! that is so fast i love reading your blogs and your nike plus is great trying to get faster myself and brought a garmin forerunner which has really helped my pace but no where near yours !

keep it up and i hope your wife is enjoying the runs too x



Thanks Kate! Tracking my runs really helps, I haven't got anyone else to run with at the moment, so using the app allows me to race myself, it is a very good way to motivate myself.


fantastic, and km in under 5mins is just amazing, I am in awe!! Have fun in London with Mrs Aftabs :)


Thanks! My next aim is a sub 25 min 5km and a sub 60 min 10km. London was fun, we walked around London Bridge, Borough and Tower Hill. I think we must have walked a total of 10 miles or so. We also went to the Science Museum which is a lot of fun!


Sounds perfect :)

And a good plan too :)


Please, please tell me you're really tall with a massive stride! You're like a bloomin' bloomin' machine - I'm in awe. Keep it up fella.


Thanks Lola! I'm 5'10" by the way.


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