5km in Skatas (forest in Gothenburg) - most enjoyable run ever!!!

5km in Skatas (forest in Gothenburg) - most enjoyable run ever!!!

Hi all!!!

I've been in Gothenburg this week and had planned to go run in a forest just outside of the city. I was going to go yesterday but the weather was horrible. When I finished work today the weather wasn't great, it was raining but it isn't cold, so I listened to oldgirls advice and went anyway.

It was the most enjoyable run I've done so far, post graduation I've motivated myself by either running faster or longer, but this run was so enjoyable I settled for 5km and kept at a comfortable pace of about 6 mins a km.

There were a lot more inclines than I'm used to so that was a bit tough, but as I said before the sights were great so that more than offset it. I didn't want to get lost so I downloaded an offline map of Gothenburg and had that app open while I was running, if it wasn't for the app I'm sure I'd still be in the forest trying to figure out which way was out!

The route I took went around a lake in the forest, I noticed one guy dive in for a swim, with only swimming trunks on, he must be mad!

Here are my splits:

1km - 6'01"

2km - 6'17"

3km - 5'52"

4km - 5'34"

5km - 5'59"

and here is a link to the route I took:


Anyway now for a shower and some dinner!


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20 Replies

  • That looks fantastic! And I envy the way the further you went, the faster you ran.

    What a man - a real runner!

  • Thanks Malcy, you are very kind! I was only faster nearer the end because there were no inclines by then.

  • Yeah way to go, I hasten to add I did not say to run two days in a row but not to be put off by the rain, I'm glad you did run though. Thanks for taking the photo it looks lovely. Some of my more enjoyable runs have been in the rain too, strange, maybe its a cleansing thing going on ;)

  • I am going back to London tomorrow so it had to be today, but I can manage the odd consecutive runs. But thanks again for the encouragement!

  • Wow that's fantastic, I would so love to run in woods!

  • I would never have thought of visiting this place before I started to run, so there are many benefits of C25K!

  • You are right... Many wonderful benefits

  • You know I was thinking the same thing today I was walking down the length of our office, which is about 250 ft long, and i could feel myself walking a lot taller, and a bit of a spring in my step too..... All thanks the c25k.

  • Funny how much one simple thing can change your life so much in such a good way

  • It has definitely improved my self confidence, and I've never been a shy person anyway, but before I'd make excuses to avoid long walks and now I plan any holidays or days out to include some longer walking. Last week I went to London with my wife twice and each time we walked about 7 miles. I wouldn't have done that last year.

  • That's so good.. Well done! It certainly has improved my confidence and stamina. I swim a mile twice a week now... I could never have done that before. It feels good to be in control of my body!

  • Happy days indeed, new running, new fitness, new me

  • New is great isn't it? Happy new runners we are !

  • I know, if only the NHS could see all of us we would be national heroes for getting off our couches.

  • And for some of us, for working for them for most of our lives... And getting off that damn couch AS WELL!!!

  • Certainly are some mightily impressive times there, deservedly proud I hope. And yes its not nice getting lost in there,.

    Well done and happy running.

  • Thanks Matthew, I am happy with the times considering I spent a lot of my attention on navigating rather than speed!

  • I always thought people were a bit mad when they planned fitness into their holidays and trips. Now I love running in new place when I'm away, it's the best thing exploring and seeing areas you'd never see otherwise.

    Forest looks amazing :-)

  • It is a lovely place. I am back here in the middle of August and will definately be coming back.

    Also I am here for work, so I don't know if I am even madder for running in an unfamiliar place after a hard days work!

  • I knew it would be fabulous...especially in the rain! Well done

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