Couch to 5K

Week 9, Run 2, My first parkrun

Today was my first ParkRun, Spent last night watching the rain thinking what have I done, arranging to go to this and how do I get out of it... lol

Made worse by waking up in the middle of the night with agonising headache/toothache. (I can't wait until July the 1st, my 1st appointment with the dentist. I've always been afraid of the dentist but im so eager to get there right now. Woke my other half up during the night begging him to take my teeth out himself lol.

So I had my excuse if I needed one to get out of the park run, but I was a good girl and went along. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was out.

According to the website there were 356 people there. and I was definitely overdressed in my jogging bottoms and layers, everyone had shorts and capris on. It was run along the seafront so I expected it to be cold, but it wasn't so I was left boiled alive, I definitely looked like id been by the end of it.

No idea on time as the times aren't up yet, I've been checking every 5 minutes for the last couple of hours since I got home lol

Everyone on here was right people are very friendly and give you a well done and a clap and a keep going which was nice.

Not so nice was the photographer who leapt out from behind a tree and took my picture at the very end... not amused !! Dreading to see what I look like at the end of a run, I've always avoided any eye contact with mirrors because I can imagine it aint a pretty sight.

I was very surprised at the speed everyone took off at the start, we were near the back and I immediately dropped to last, but overtook our first person about 20 yards down the road, a lady who started walking. I found the first 10 minutes very difficult as the pace was so much quicker than what I do on my own but I really didn't want to be last so tried to keep up, a few people dropped to walking so we passed them. Cant believe the speed of the everyone as the folks up the front passed us heading back for the finish line when we were at about the 1k mark..... amazing...... So passed a few people, but think I'll probably be in the bottom 10 still.

Been looking at last weeks results for the park run and the top 328 runners (out of 393 in total ) were all under 30 minutes, so its made me realise I've done well In this programme but I've still a long way to go.

I found it so hard, it seemed to go on forever and I was very close to stopping a couple of times but I did it red faced and shattered and unable to breathe.

All this sounds like it wasn't much fun but I think I might go back again, maybe do it once a month. It was a good experience.

As long as they don't post that photo of me..... :-)

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I am contemplating doing a parkrun next Saturday - I have asked my Niece and Nephew to run with me for moral support !! Were there many 'youngsters' running? It is not clear on the parkrun website whether it is ok for them to come too (13 and 15 years old and way fitter than me!).

I thought I would go out during this week and find the route of the parkrun and see if I can run it!

Well done for completing yours!


Yes there were quite a few at the parkrun I was at, plenty of 10 + year olds a few younger too. And every one of them was faster than us lol. there was even a young one helping out marshaling who told me shyly, well done ! As i finished, which was very sweet. It had a good family day out feel to it. Also there were Marshalls at each km so quite a reassuring environment.


Super ... except that probably means i have now run out of excuses as to why I can't do it next week!!!


Ahh go for it ! I was trying to back out of it last night when I was watching the rain, but it was also a bit of nerves of the unknown, but I just kept telling myself that its only 30-50 minutes of my life and if I didn't like it then I wouldn't do it again. :-) It really is true what everyone on here says they really are a nice bunch of people. I went with 2 people today but I think I'd probably feel comfortable going it alone next time it was a nice atmosphere


I did my first parkrun today too. I signed up for texts and got one with my time a few hours ago so hopefully your time wont be too long in coming up! I very nearly chickened out when I saw how fit everyone else looked but was really glad that I did it and just felt chuffed to not be last. I think that it will help my running as up until now I have been running on flat sufaces whereas the parkrun route involves hills.


I just found the bit where you sign up for the texts and have signed up, I don't know if it'll be in time for this set of results, I've checked again on the parkrun page and still no results. :-(

I know what you mean, some of the people there were really hardcore.

I'm the opposite to you, I've been running on hills up until now but the parkrun course is flat so it was a nice change for me so hopefully it will help me get my speed up which is pretty slow for me.

Well done you for not chickening out :-) Its good to know im not the only one who was nervous first time :-)


Results just came through :-)

My time was 35:46

346 out of 356

Age grade: 41.43% (eek that doesn't look too good)

123 female



Well done you! I would totally be the one at the back!! x


Over 40% is awesome. I'm something like 30 something. 35 min also fab. Well done you. I'm looking forward to my first parkrun. (Haven't got to 5k yet)


Thank you, that's reassuring there's lots of 60% + on other people's results. I forget that im still new to this and these people have probably been doing it for years. Not 9 weeks lol

Good luck for your park run when you do yours. They are such a fantastic idea to whomever thought them up.


Well done - looks good to me!


Thank you :-)


Fantastic! What an amazing turn out too. My time was 29.04 and I was 70 out of 121. I now feel better prepared for race for life next week which is at the same location :)


The weather was lovely, I think that helped with the turnout, wow that's a great time, that's what I'm aiming for under the half hour. Good luck for the race for life


well done, I am a complete novice and did Week 1 Run 1 and the Park run today. I agree with the comments above, although there are some very quick people there, they are all very supportive. My podcast ran out before the end of the 5K but just carried on and did what my body allowed me to do. My time was 46.39 and I was position 350 out of 360, but will definitely go again x as for the figures with the results, I haven't quite worked out what the percentage is all about, and I am classed as a Veteran!! which makes me feel very old LOL x


The parkrun website has a q and a link on it about the age grading. 100% is the best time that someone has ran, for that age group and your percent is how close you are to that.... That's my understanding of it.

Well done you, on your first run. That's great, good luck with the programme ! I will be glad to complete it but it was lots of fun. Will miss it.


Well done you! I also did a Parkrun today, and like you it was my W9R9. Like you, I nearly chickened out - I had to run past my car and the temptatation to run away and speed off nearly overwhelmed me! I came 90th out of about 100 runners, but was quite pleased with my time - just over 30 mins, and delighted that I didn't come last.

It was quite scary at the beginning - I kind of assumed that everyone apart from me knew what they were doing. Especialy those with runners vests and things strapped to their arms. In the end I was fine.

Also, I have only ever run solo before - wierd running in a group.

My regret, funnily enough, is that I paced myself too much at the start. I could definitely have run quicker at that point, but was a bit embarrassed about overtaking people who looked more professional than me.

Also, not impressed to be classed as a veteran. But that, I suspect, is a taste of things to come.

Well done all of us.


The start caught me off guard a bit too as every1 did seem to know what was going on apart from me. One minute we were standing chatting next minute everyone took off running..... Lol I do know, that's the point, but it was a bit like oh! What do I do? Run? ... oh yeah I should be running ! RUN !! Lol :-D

Yes well done to us !

We did it !

I can't stop looking at my results on my phone hehe my names on the board.


*W9R2* not W9R9 (obvs)...


I really found that the group running appealed to my competative side. Everyone seemed so friendly. It was also lovely that some of those who had finished cheered everyone else on as they were coming up the last hill at the end.


They did that at our run too which was nice, I guess they've been there at some point, when they were first starting out and they get it, that we need all the friendly encouragement we can get :-) it actually does help to see someone smiling and clapping just for you. A lovely lady reassured me at the end when my legs were starting to go, she clapped and shouted you can do it only 100 yards and gave me a big smile and gave me that little bit of a push


Well done! I bet the next time you do it you'll be faster, probably just confusing at the start!;) did you go and get your gait analysed while you were in Edinburgh? Cris


Thanks, I do think I will be able to get a much better time than that, definitely. Will be more prepared next time. :-)

No I never went, we ended up undoing all our good exercising by eating jam scones in the café nearby afterwards instead lol. ooppss ! Going back up that way next weekend so will get it done then though.

Found myself watching everyone else at the parkrun and trying to watch myself to see how I run... not easy. Will leave it to the experts I think. :-)


I think you are all awesome, I've got my time down to 52 minutes :S and I'm always last but I really enjoy the atmosphere and the encouragement I get from other runners :D


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