My first ParkRun

At Little Stoke Park. 5k in 38 minutes 10 seconds. My, that was tough! First time I've run with other people, and got used to being lapped! Goodness knows how fast some of them were, but some were very young and fit! Not sure if I'd do that again, but I'm glad I've had the experience.

Oh, and I wasn't last to finish. Not quite. I beat the little old lady with the Zimmer! lol

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15 Replies

  • Well done on your first Parkrun ! Just think back to week 1 and it shows how far you have come !

  • Well done - glad you enjoyed it :D

  • Very well done you! You did far better than me. I didn't finish! Doesn't matter if you never do it again! Do what makes you happy but it's another one ticked!

  • well done John :) also did my 1st :D some are club runners etc -most are like us - I am going back for more :D

  • OK, if you're going to do another, so will I, Rob. But not for another week or two, want to build up my strength and speed a little. I couldn't bear to compete and put in a slower time!

  • Thats Great John :-D NYD for me. Will let you know ifI am faster slower or about the same

  • Don't be put off, you did brilliantly. I volunteered for the first time at my local park run today, and, don't let on, but I enjoyed cheering on those who were shall we say, a little more sedate, than the speedies. not much you can say to those who come past you at a rate of knots, but those who can hear you seem to appreciate (and thank you) for the encouragement, makes it worthwhile to me.

    M x

    Ps. We're about the same speed, so I do hope you give it another go.

  • That's brilliant well done for giving it a go. Much braver than me - I'm still making excuses!

  • Thanks everyone! I'm so glad I joined this group! So encouraging and supportive.

    If you haven't done one, you deserve to try it!

  • I did my 22nd Parkrun yesterday -- in around 36 minutes (3 1/2 minutes slower than my fastest time). It has been very hot and humid lately - but yesterday it actually rained lightly and was much cooler. I think that it was the very first time that I have actually run in the rain .

    I deliberately went out slowly this time - partly because my training programme called for a 30 minute "easy" run for the day, partly because it has been so hot - but also partly because right now , it was all I felt that I had in me. I seem to have lost enthusiasm for trying to do better and better over the 5 K at parkrun. I also seem to have lost enthusiasm for running non-stop and much prefer to stick to intervals. Intervals usually give me a GOOD workout - whether they are long or short intervals - slow or fastish pace. And I seem to be able to run a faster pace over any distance using run/walk than running non-stop.

  • Grin! Are you feeling our age? lol I've not yet investigated this "Interval" thing, must get round to it.

  • John

    Intervals are just what you have been doing with C25k - runs with a walk or slower run inbetween!! :)

  • Ah, OK, thanks Bazza! Sounds interesting, and not such a slog!

  • Well done John - I'll take this as inspiration for my own Park Run debut next Saturday! :-)

  • Good, I'm glad! Do report back, we'd all love to hear how you did.

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