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Week 9 Run 2

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Hi All This was my best and most enjoyable run so far still not got to 5k but i'm not too worried i did 4.32 k at an average 7.065 in 31.16 minutes. I didn't mean to go over the 30 mins but i was switching between apps and the C25K one kept pausing. Still no harm done.This was my best time by a mile i don't know why probably next time i will be slower who knows i will enjoy it anyway as it's my last one on the C25K. I shall miss Jo Whiley suggesting i sprint the last minute LOL . Keep going everyone it gets better as you go along.

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That’s good to hear Mr Fox! ‘An enjoyable run’... sounds as though there will be many more of those for you post-C25k 😊

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MrFox001Graduate in reply to ktsok

Thank you Yes i'm going to do Bridge to 10k with Ju Ju's Plan looking forward to it

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ktsok in reply to MrFox001

Ah great to hear. Enjoy!

Excellent you’ll cruise parkrun in under 33.

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MrFox001Graduate in reply to Joemink

Well that would be nice i always run alone at the moment and not to sure about running with other people yet maybe in a couple of months when i can do 10 K !!!!

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Great run.. and 4.32 is very good! That next run, well it’s the graduation run, it’s the celebration of how well you’ve done the 26 before it, so relax and love every step... it may be slower, it’s also a wee bit emotional, and the sense of achievement at the end of it is well deserved... have a wonderful run.

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MrFox001Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you very much your words are always so encouraging you are right there may well be a tear in the eye when Jo tells me to stop running. Caused by the wind and rain forecast for Sunday Morning Obviously LOL

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to MrFox001

Mine were caused that way too 😂

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