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Week 4 Run 1 - Running more than Walking

What a step up Week 4 is !!!!

Learning that the key to this week is slow steady jogging, Completed all the runs but found that last 5 minutes to be punishing but soooooooo rewarding. Completed 2 whole laps of the local lake just as the 5 min cool down finsihed (in week 2 I was about 1/2 the way round on the 2nd lap). My MapMyWalk app tells me it's a total distance of 4.9k - so equally pleased.

Haven't got away scott free - pain developing in right hip, hope it's nothing.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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Well done-I know where you run as I used to live in redditch. I have run around that lake too -lovely and flat.

Each week builds up and even with lots of niggly joint problems found I could complete-I had faith in the programme and even when I doubted I could finish or keep going I generally managed to.

Happy running.


Well done RedditchMark, I'm with you all the way. My daughter and I completed the first of our week 4 runs this morning and we made it too (though the last 1 minute seemed to last about half an hour!). Was desparate to hear Laura's lovely voice at the end :) Mind you the music for week 4 is so rubbish I can't wait to get on to week 5 !


That is a great distance, so well done. Hope the hip pain does not develop into anything serious.

Good luck with the rest of week 4 :-)


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