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25 mins run so WEEK 6 complete!


I cannot believe it. I am soooooooo happy!!!!!!!! I ran for a non stop 25 minutes thereby completing the Week 6 of this C25K journey.

The last 5 minutes were hell on Earth but I kept going. Couldn't quite rise to Laura's challenge of upping the tempo for the last 60 secs owing to the fact that earlier on I had shot my bolt by completing 2 separate kilometres at exactly the same time - 6'02 secs!! I couldn't believe it. None of my kilometres were over 6'29 which I am really pleased about. But the last minute was tough and oh, what a feeling afterwards. My face was beetroot red, my shirts soaked in perspiration and my hair looked like Ken Dodd on a bad day, but I didn't care - I celebrated with an expletive (don't worry, no-one heard me, I couldn't stop myself!)

For all those who are starting out on this journey and think that in no way will they ever ever run for 20+ mins non stop, believe me when I say that if you stick with this program, you will be amazed at how it teaches your body to get fit and prepare it for these sorts of runs. You WILL DO IT and YOU CAN DO IT.

6 weeks ago I was dying after 60 secs and thanking the Good Lord that Laura gave me a WHOLE minute to recover from this mammoth achievement!

I'm going to have a chicken sandwich now to celebrate. Go me!

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well done! i've just done wk3 R1 and couldn't imagine that i'd be able to run for 3 minutes but i did it! and do you know what really enjoyed it too. For the first time i'm starting to feel like i might be able to make it through to the end although it may be at my own pace rather than in 9 weeks flat out :)


That's brilliant, well done! I am feeling just the same, I've finished week 5 and have run for 20 minutes this afternoon and can't stop myself from smiling!

Reading what you and others have done is making me look forward to the next week and keeping my fitness plan going.

Roll on week 6! :)


I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a mini celebration on completion of 25mins. I feel exactly as you said, 6weeks ago I struggled to run for 60secs and could not even imagine that I'd manage 25mins. About to set off on week7 run 1, a whole week of 25mins. I just hope I'm as successful.


Fantastic well done! I felt the same after my first 25 min. Completed my wk7r1 yesterday and feel tired today but it still felt just as amazing. I am with you on the beetroot face that has only happened since the longer runs but I don't care. We are officially runners (Laura says so, so must be true!). Looking forward to building up to 30 min and 5k now.


Thanks for the inspiration! I still can't quite imagine myself managing this, but reading your blog helps me to keep on keeping on!


Excellent. :-) It's amazing how quickly you progress isn't it! I love reading blogs when I can actually feel the persons excitement (if you know what I mean) haha. Well done you. Almost at the end now. :-)


Thaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!


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