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25 mins!


Well I'm pleased and amazed to have done w6r3 this morning and run non-stop for 25 mins. I'm not sure if I've ever run for that long in my life!

Felt a bit light headed the last couple of minutes so tried to make sure I was breathing properly and made it to the end - I do have Addison's disease and have managed so far without needing to up my meds - my bp was a little low when I got back but not too bad. So I think I will just see how I get on next time - hopefully just a blip!

Happy running everyone

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Wow that is amazing. I am on week 3 and amazed that I can run for three minutes so can't imagine running for that long!

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Ha I was exactly the same. You can definitely do it - trust the programme and you will build up gradually!


Did mine yesterday morning. Well I think it was morning, it was just getting light. It's the perfect time for me. It's amazing what we're managing isn't it. Well done you. On we go to week 7. 💪🏼👍🏼🏃‍♀️


Well done that's fantastic 25 minutes, week 9 now feels within grasp doesn't it

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Yes absolutely!! 😀

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