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Week 6 Run 3 - 25 minutes


Recovered from the wobbly legs and the continual feeling of running motion, but I did it!

3.77km in 25 minutes. Extrapolated - 4.524km in half an hour.

Going to need to work on the speed if I'm going to manage 5km in 30 minutes, requiring an increase in speed of 0.952kph or 0.592mph. Does that sound significant? I wonder how long that will take.

I couldn't go any faster yet.

I finished next to this van and I thought it was moving. I thought wow, I must be really dizzy. It was a bit trippy. Then I realised it actually was moving and that I should move.

That moment when you stop running and the jelly kicks in. There should be a word for that. Any suggestions?

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Well done for finishing week 6, it is a great feeling when Laura tells you that your a runner!! It sounds like you gave that run your all and don't worry about the 5km in 30. It's all about running for 30 minutes and you can always aim for this later. Good luck with week 7

JimHarrisGraduate in reply to Vixchile

I don't normally listen to the mp3s, so I'll take your word for it. I am beginning to feel like a runner. I always thought there were two types of people: people like me and runners. Apparently we're all runners and just don't know it yet.


You don't need to work on your speed, honestly. The 5 k is irrelevant at the minute, and isn't needed for graduation purposes. You can make life easier for yourself by forgetting it and concentrating on slow running and making sure you finish the run

When you graduate you can think about getting the 5k in the 30 minutes

Have a good time, enjoy yourself

JimHarrisGraduate in reply to misswobble



I did this run last night as well!!! Well done!!! I have mainly being running outside but I could not go till late so did this on the treadmill I found it a lot harder and covered a much smaller distance than yourself!!! Well well done!!!!

JimHarrisGraduate in reply to loubee33

I've never tried it on a treadmill, I think I would lose motivation as I'd have no physical target to aim for. Do you find there is a difference in motivation?


The goal is 30 minutes running - that's all you need to worry about. Everyone is VERY different in terms of ability and pace (age, weight, body shape, etc). As an example, according to my measured VO2 max level (fancy way of saying how much oxygen my body can use), I could only ever run a 26:32 5K... at full exertion for the entire time (unlikely to happen I can tell you)... and I doubt that will happen for YEARS as I'm not getting any younger. I might improve slowly over time but my pace is my pace... Just like yours in yours (and you're just now starting to do the non-stop runs so don't even think about distance... please don't!)...

Just remember - you ran NONSTOP for 25 minutes. There are very few people who can do that at ANY pace... be VERY proud and don't worry about pace or distance... the real race is the one with yourself... you'll get there but it takes time... right now you're 6 weeks into a beginner programme - you're doing AMAZING work and keep it up... try running with just a stopwatch next time - leave the GPS at home... that way you won't be tempted to compare... :)

Out of about 5-6 5K runs post-graduation, I've only ever done one under 30 minutes (a Parkrun) and that was a 29:19.... this morning was over 31 minutes.... I don't care about the time - I did another 5K and my mileage this week is already 10K...

Just enjoy yourself - that pace is perfect for you and it's getting out there and enjoying the increase in fitness and the sheer joy of running which gets us motivated....

Well done on getting through Week 6 - it's a tough one... non-stop running from now on! ENJOY!

JimHarrisGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thanks! You're right. Actually I don't run with a GPS. I just use a stopwatch, then I work it out on where's the path online. I enjoy that part, but I'm not worrying too much about it. I'm very impressed that 25 minutes without stopping (apart from to pick up my bottle top) is possible for me. Looking forward to park runs - almost up for it!


Ok, well done on completing week 6. As everyone says, the pace is not important to graduate. However, if this help for after graduation, I usually calculate the distance I run per minute. In your case it works out at 150.8m.

To crack the 5k, you would need to run 166.7m per minute.

It is a big increase!

I hope you achieve it one day.

Happy running

JimHarrisGraduate in reply to frannyfran

Thanks for the maths. That is quite significant, I'll aim for 151m per minute first and slowly increase, but only if my body lets me!


You've done well - don't worry about the speed/distance, just concentrate on doing the minutes. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and haven't managed 5k just yet, but I don't mind - we're out there running, that's the main thing.


Wow good with numbers . Try a sprint at the end and middle to adjust your speed

Or not only if you fancy it - you are doing well !!

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