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Week 8, run 2, much better

Really enjoyed my run this morning. It was quite warm for a winters day, there were lots of runners about and I kept a nice steady pace for the whole run. I was overtaken by a group of guys but I kept them in sight until i turned round which made me feel like my pace was reasonably decent. My face was a nice shade of pink when I got home though!

I didn't run with my own music (never got round to loading some onto my phone) but Laura's choices didn't bother me today.

Well, here's to the next run!

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Well done. We both had good runs today :-) the music drove me mad tho. Had the earphones out for most of it :-)


I once lived in Auckland - I LOVED it! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Gorgeous scenery and lovely beaches. I liked the NZ winters too. Crisp frosty mornings followed by cool but bright sunny days. Delightful!

Good luck for your next runs.


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