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Week 8 Run 2...

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Hi everyone...

Well after a long extended weekend of being at work more hours than being at home, I couldn't run on Monday due to feeling worse than a walking dead. So thought I would rest up and run on my next scheduled day which is today.

Today's run was steady and uneventful. I didn't even bother to up my pace for the last minute like I would usually do. I could've done but just was in a laid back mood today. Probably still alittle tired from lack of sleep.

Anyhow my run was peaceful and comfortable under the warm bright sunshine.

Soon time to say goodbye to week 8. Time is flying by.

Happy running.x

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Bridget007 profile image

Sounds like a perfect run 😊

sallenson profile image
sallensonGraduate in reply to Bridget007

Donna is always perfect....

Donna79 profile image
Donna79 in reply to sallenson

You're funny. 😂

sallenson profile image

Time flying indeed. Only four more runs left for each of us now.... :-)

_SimonT_ profile image
_SimonT_Graduate in reply to sallenson

Only 4 more runs until you can... do some more runs! 😂

Myrar profile image

Your doing so well Donna ...Won't be long now ..Good luck 😊

Oooh..Well done Donna😊...excited to hear you will be starting Week 9 next!

The podium is almost in sight!😊xxx

Saartjie profile image

Sounds blissful 😊

Nearly there........

_SimonT_ profile image

Well done Donna!

How are the new shoes bedding in? Do you like them any more yet?

Donna79 profile image
Donna79 in reply to _SimonT_

Hiya.... Hmmmm new shoes. They're ok, very sturdy and all the rest but I still actually prefer my old Karrimor. Maybe because the karrimor felt more padded under the balls of my feet. But I've worn the new ones for 3 runs now and I guess they're ok. They are comfortable and if nothing else, they're very strong. Well the soles are made by the famous car tyre brand beginning with M. So I would probably wear out before them. Not overly excited about them though to be honest.

_SimonT_ profile image
_SimonT_Graduate in reply to Donna79

Oh that’s a shame. There’ll only be about 400 miles left in them anyway so it will soon be time for a change!

Donna79 profile image
Donna79 in reply to _SimonT_

Yeah I felt slightly disappointed too. But I had a gut feeling that I would still prefer the old ones. Never mind, I'll continue wearing them for now and try for the perfect match on the next pair in late Summer / early Autumn time.

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_SimonT_Graduate in reply to Donna79

I am sorry. I know how much effort you went to to get the right pair.

Donna79 profile image
Donna79 in reply to _SimonT_

It's ok. I guess the more trainers we buy, the more experience we gain. They are my 1st professional bought ones and so next time I know what to look for and can look around for something that ticks all the boxes.

Lol! Well done and you have inspired me to soldier on!

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Wow Donna you’ll be on that podium soon. Know how you feel- meant to go out this morning but a busy week at work together with builders finishing last night and two hours of cleaning up after them- I’m done . Didn’t sleep well ( prob the wine I had to “cope” with the stress?) so will leave it till the weekend now. Hope you feel recharged soon- well done for getting out there! X

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