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Postgrad week 2 and nailed the bad run yes!!

Last week on my first post C25K distance run of 33 mins I started off far too fast, ended up tiring myself out pretty early on and only through sheer determination managed to finish. It was very difficult and to be honest it did concern me.

Did an interval run and tempo run earlier this week which went well but today went out to the same place I ran last week for my distance run, round a lovely lake, and this time I nailed it!! Yes!!!

I learned from my mistake of last week, and started out at a slow pace and pretty much kept to the slow pace so didn't tire myself out again and I even enjoyed it :) Ran for 35 mins this time, still quite slow, although I somehow managed to overcome a couple of fast walkers ha ;)

Feel in a better place now, I've mentally got my head round the fact that it doesn't matter how slow I'm going, I'm still managing to run further each week and that's great :)

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Well done minuette!

What are you doing for your' interval run' and 'tempo run'? Sounds very interesting!


Thanks :)

For the interval run I've been doing the week 1 podcast but fast running the run bits and jogging the walk bits.

For the tempo run I've been doing 25 mins, but the first 10 mins at one speed, the next 10 at another and finishing the last 5 at a higher speed.

And then the distance runs I'm increasing by approx 10% per week, to get me to the magical 5K :)


Brilliant, thanks, will give it a try :)


That's good news Minuette, you are so right about the speed or lack thereof, it will come. There are so many things to refine once we reach graduation which will lead to better speed. I'm sure as we refine breathing, timing, style etc, not forgetting ever increasing strength and stamina, that we will start to cover more and more distance. :)


Yes I seemed to lose sight of why I started this, which was to be able to run for 30 mins, which I can do now, and started to focus on speed, style etc etc. Once I dropped focusing on them, the pressure lifted and now I'm starting to improve anyway, but without stressing myself out. :)


Glad you had a good run, makes it all worth while doesn't it. You are doing fab!!!! :) :) :)

I'm itching to get out there & can't wait till tomorrow morning. Now all I've got to decide is whether I just go for 30 mins to do my long run of 5k.


Yes certainly makes it all worthwhile :)

Enjoy tomorrow's run!! :)


Well done - I'm finding my distance and speed are improving all the time now , I guess that its just practice makes perfect lol!


Congrats! Wowee... And your enthusiasm is so contagious. You have your stuff together with a very good running plan too!


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