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Whatta Mistaka to Maka

In the spirit of 5x50 I park 2 miles from work and walk each way ...

But I had a moment of weakness on the way back to my car this evening and popped into a shop. A small packet of sweets and a Twix bar. Delicious, but at 708 calories, I'd undone all the benefit of walking the 4 miles, and more.

Only one thing to do - fire up the treadmill and burn it off. 70 minutes uphill later, I regretted every single bite of jelly

Please don't let me make that mistake again :)

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Ah, bless, we all have moments of weakness! But well done you for getting on that treadmill and working it off. Straightaway! What a star.


I must have been in denial when I wrote this last night ... it was actually 2 x Twix and quite a large bag of sweets. Isn't that interesting - so annoyed at myself for guzzling that I wrote about it, but even so, I still couldn't admit the full story ...

The 708 cal was correct though, and those 70 mins on the mill were still flippin' hard work


Malcy I'm glad you came clean about the 2 x Twix cos I was having kittens, I sometimes pinch half of hubby's and was thinking OMG i eat about 300 calories every little stick of twix. :)

Don't be too hard on yourself you have done some very punishing runs and your body will just be in need of the extra sugar to compensate, well thats my theory and I'm sticking to it ;)


Ha Ha. I like that. Craving Twix bars is an inevitable consequence of doing exercise. That's the kind of motivation I like!

Seriously, though, there might be somethinng in that idea. My lad was over from Australia for a couple of weeks, my twins had their 30th birthday, and my youngest completed his degree. All at the same time - so you can imagine the celebrating that went on. My weight went up by around half a stone! I know that a lot of that is 'transient' rather than 'real' fat. But I'm trying hard to get back down. With cutting back intake and having seriously upped my training for the Great Trail Challenge next weekend, I've had days where my nett calorie intake for the day (calorie intake minus calorie 'expenditure') is only a couple of hundred .. and one day it was a negative number. So yes, maybe last night was my brain subconsciouslly telling me to ease off a bit.

Didn't work though - as the treadmill session shows, I can be a determined old sod at times! :)

And the good news is that I'm back to within 2kg of target. I should have no problem making that by next week.


I put on 1/2 stone when ever we go on holiday!! But what I do find is quick gain means quick and pretty easy loss too, so don't fret Malcy. Also its a known fact that if you don't eat enough when exercising your body will think its going into starvation mode and hang onto its fat reserves, so be aware of that and when you step up your activities you do need to step up your calories just make sure its not all high in fat content.


These things happen and I know you feel bad, I did when I eat a whole chocolate orange last week, that my mum had given me at Christmas, at least it's gone now. Take care you will sort it over the next few weeks and be back to your goal.


I'd say you did remarkably well keeping that orange for the best part of six months! I know we have both gone through the same kind of weight loss so value your input. I have this mindset that means I can almost always resist buying goodies. But if I do, it's on the basis that I could have one Twix (or whatever) a day. Except they're there. And my twisted logic says that it doesn't matter if I eat them over a week or all at once - the total calories are the same. I guess it is true ... but I should just know what will happen and not buy them.

But the real point of the post was that I got on the 'mill and burned it off. And that's a positive thing. The two of us now know how to handle these lapses ...


Made me laugh again Malcy! Stay away from the sweeties!

I came home after my 12 hour early shift,left home at 5.05am, got in at 8pm, running stuff on and went out with Runkeeper and the Now that's what I call running music playing along; found it quite odd trying to listen for the beat to run to as most of the tracks weren't like Laura's choices in Stepping Stones which is my staple choice for 5k... Ran around my local park, varied the route a bit, got slower and slower, passed my house at 4.75km and ran round the block to get over the 5km even though I was so tired I felt like I was running through treacle! I think Runkeeper should be emailing me about my record for slowest km run!

Couldn't be bothered to cook, so dinner was a bowl of sugar free muesli with 1% milk then an apple.... points counted on weight watchers showed a few left over for the day, so at 11pm I had 2 pieces of wholemeal toast then had a mini FLAKE!!!! ;-)

It is one from my Easter egg that has been sat in the fridge since Easter, I ate the first about 4 weeks ago, one more left and the whole egg... I will have to check the expiry date on it! The flake was nice but could be another few weeks before I am tempted again! Sweeties are definitely not my thing, good job at the speed I ran this evening or I would have to be running all night to get rid of the calories! :-)


Going for a run after being out 5am until 8pm? Sounds like you should get a different kind of music collection - "Now That's What I Call Dedication!" And, like Phil only now eating his Christmas Chocolate Orange, I just couldn't resist for a few days, never mind a few months ...

I like the idea of mini Flakes. But here again, I do sometimes get a 4-pack with the intention of having one every other day, but inevitably they're gobbled up by the time I get home :(

I guess sweets are the chink in my armour. I can walk past them, but every time I find it difficult not to stop and just check the number of calories - as if they might have magically turned into a health food since last time :)

It's good to know that, if I do stray from the path of righteousness, I can recover the situation by doing the penance. But I'd rather have an iron will than do that penance. Thank God I don't give in to the sweetie goblin very often!


Oh Malcy, but Twix is oh so worth it :-P

And chocolate flakes mmmm, all the things I miss about that scepter'd isle in the middle of the North Sea :-D

But a big thank you for making me laugh -- I have certainly been there, just the smell of a swwetshop makes my mouth water!

Phil, where are you? How on earth did you resist that chocolate orange for so long?


I put it in the spare room's wardrobe so I didn't see it every time I opened the kitchen cupboard :-)


That is hilarious!

Normally I wouldn't trust a person who can resist chocolate in the house for more than a day at the most, but seeing as it's you Phil, well, that is different :-;


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