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Guide to reach my goals

Hello, hope you all are doing well, i'm new here, i have a target to reach 10 miles in one go in 30 days then it would be regular routine. Its been only 4 days now currently i can reach like 3 miles in one go every evening, but in one go its way much harder now, its so difficult to maintain speed now, one of my friends suggested me for taking boosters or food supplements, but personally i hate all about taking temporary things and fake things, can you guys please guide me how long is it going to make more stamina. should i start eating some kind of special food rather than normal with daily routine ?

thank you waiting for your kind reply.

Mathew Jagger


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Hi and welcome.

That sounds like a hell of a target. What sort of running have you done before? If you're coming from nothing I think it's too much.

Most of us are on the couch to 5k programme which takes you from nothing to 5k in 9 weeks, gently increasing stamina along the way.

You don't seem to be allowing any rest time for your muscles and body and adjust which could be a recipe for injury unless you are already superfit.

Anyway I'm only on w6, I'm sure a more senior runner will come along shortly. Good luck with your goal 👍

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I started with C25k in 2014 , and it took me til July 2015 to do my 1st 10mile! Why the hurry? It's much better to build up gradually following the programme and it's essential to have rest days inbetween. Even with a sensible running routine we are prone to injuries but setting yourself that kind of target is pushing too far. I would say most people would aim to head towards the 10k mark as a target after a gradual build up. This is only my opinion but there are a lot of people here with a wealth of experience so I would read their replies and absorb the information given its there to help you. There's no problem in aiming high and 10mile is a great distance to aim for but just maybe not in that timescale .


In my view, unless you are an experienced runner, you are very likely to end up injured rather than hitting your target.

If you look at the structure of C25K you will see it is gently progressive with at least one rest day between each run. When you run you create micro tears in your muscles which repair and strengthen on your rest days not while running. No rest, no repair, no strengthening and therefore increased risk of muscle, tendon and even bone damage. Doing non impact cross training on your rest days will help the repair and adaptation and make you a better runner than running every day.

This is all laid out in the guide to the C25K plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Graduates from this plan wanting to increase their distance generally only increase one run per week as their long run rather than doing three or four each week. The guide to post graduate running is here healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next and may be helpful.

Your timescales are hugely compressed over the normally recommend progress and frankly betrays an ignorance on your behalf of what is involved in safely becoming a runner. There are no shortcuts. Stamina takes time to build.

Take care. I hope you do not do yourself permanent damage.


That wisdom and advice is something to behold.🌟Today on wk6 R1 I felt the ❤️ for running your FAQ Posts, advice mentions.Had to stop myself from doing all 3 runs in the one outing. Enjoyed it so much.🙈🙈😂😂Thanks to you and the A team.

Gremlins never forever.🤔


Good advice above if you want to become a long term sustainable runner - but if you HAVE to run a 10 mile in 30 days (a promise to a Charity? To obtain the release of a hostage? To win a £10,000 bet?) - you can always 'Jeff" it. Walk, jog, walk as and when you feel you need to do any of them. You will be just as quick walking and jogging as jogging all the way. Google "Jeffing" for further information. Just hope you don't have to google "IC"

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I can only repeat the advice given above, I assure you it’s not out of jealousy that people are trying to slow you down here, having completed the 9 week plan by following the routine to the letter I know it works, I too was eager to progress further faster but don’t give in you will regret it and probably end up regretting it.

after nearly 2 months of running 5k 3 times aweek only now am I looking to extend one of my runs to 6k, gradually I’ll increase this


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