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Which run to do easy 1.5 m or tough 3.8??


Last time I went for a run was 2 weeks ago! It was a 3.4 mile flat run in the cool of the morning and it was fine. Slow but fine.

Then life happens and a family emergency had me flying to Greece for a week with nothing but a small backpack. I had running shorts with me but only as something to wear in the heat! It's taken another week to recover from the stress and lack of sleep.

Tomorrow evening is 'love running' group night. The choice is a flat 1.5 miles or a hilly 3.8 miles. There's no time limit on either you are just expected to run most of the way.

With no time limit the distance doesn't worry me but hills and heat after 2 weeks off?!?

Maybe I'll just decide once I know exactly how hot it is at the start tomorrow ...

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Sounds like you’ve answered your own question!! Sorry to hear about your emergency and hope it’s ok now? 😊👍🏻

in reply to Jelon

Yes the emergency was resolved, before the family drama queen got going too!

I quite often find I'll start writing a question and by the end it's ordered my thoughts and I have an answer 🙄

in reply to Wanna-Be

Every family has a drama queen/king!! I’m the same with my thoughts makes total sense?!!!


3.8 miles hilly?! Stuff that. Shouldn’t they go 1.5 miles hilly and 3.8 flat? Surely that’d make more sense?

in reply to Tasha99

It would make far more sense but from the group meeting point - or anywhere in my area it's quite difficult to avoid hills.

According to Strava the 'flat' 1.5 miles has a about 20m elivaton change (10 up 10 down) and the 3.8 miles has 80m. It's just all in one long hill! On the plus side pretty much all the up is done by the half way point.

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