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week 7 run 3, a good run again, yah !

Lovely day today weather wise and managed to drag the other half out with me so he could walk the dog whilst i ran (looping back round to him for a quick chat now and then) time passed pretty quickly, was easy on the legs, no problems this time im very glad to say, no clue on distance as never had app on.

Other half was a wee bit of a 'cheeky monkey' as he had the timer, no laura today, i couldnt take any more of the bad music, I'd asked him to tell me when i had one minute to go so i could speed up for the last minute like on the podcast, and the so and so told me about 2 minutes from the end, 'to try and help me' so by the time id realised his trick it was too late so i just, only just..... managed to finish the run, but by this point it was no longer a sprint but a slower than tortoise pace. grrrr... men and their trying to help...

good run though, glad i managed to get through the week, it was a tough one, but its done and the best bit only 2 weeks to go... woohoo ! Hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather :-)

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I'm impressed you can talk when you're running! Sounds like a nice run though, notwithstanding the lovely bit of "help" from your other half!

Was it good without Laura? I listened to her today to see if there were any gems I might miss this week but I think I'll load up some of my own music on to my phone and do runs 2 and 3 without her.

We're almost there...!


Well not so much talking from my side to be fair haha. I might do the same next week listen to the podcast the first run and stick some music on my phone too. It didn't seem to be so bad back in week 1, the music, but that was probably because I was so focused on trying to run for 60 seconds. How funny that sounds now. Good luck for your next run. :-)


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