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bad mummy ( week 7 run 3)


I feel awful....week 7 run 3 and I have been working at home today psyching myself up for this....My son Leon ( 11) has been doing the last 3 runs with me as he is now joining the programme ( he is v, cycling etc etc). Tonight didn't go so well.....we started our route on an enormous hill and he was sprinting, then he just disappeared. I kept looking back and he was a long way off. I had already told him that I have to keep going....can't talk, can't do anything other than run!!!!!

Anyway, I finished ( last 5 minutes I was back on the swearing), and I had to walk back to find him. He looked awful and said he felt so sick. I felt terrible as I realise its my fault as I gave him sausages, potato waffles and spaghetti hoops for tea only about an hour and a half before, I thought that was long enough but clearly it wasn't. Poor lad, hubby and 8 year old came and rescued us, and we decided we would do the run again on Friday, no tea till after, and we would do our original run ( no enormous hill!). Does anyone now what the suggested gap is for eating? For me, I make sure my tum is empty as it makes me feel slightly lighter!!! Hubby now cooking me pasta putanesca, lucky me, although I am a bad mummy ;(

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I shouldn't worry too much. In a few years time he'll be doing exactly the same thing all on his own, but instead of spaghetti hoops he'll have had a few pints of beer. ;-) With the same effect. :-)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Landesman

Love it... Can't stop laughing at this!! I hope so, he's a great lad!


Not a bad mummy - just a determined one! I try to leave a gap of about three hours from a meal to running, but that depends on the time of your run. I do however have a banana (yes the good old banana) about 20 minutes before to give me some energy.

My 10 year old daughter gave up riding alongside me as I changed my route and it was too much for her so please do not feel bad.

Good luck with the next run, nice to hear the family is behind you.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to alcopop

Thank you so much and thanks for the advice. I think he will be fine on Friday, and well have a great meal after. Ill get his dad to give him a snack after school ( I will be at work), then run when I get back. All this has helped me bond with him as I work full time and stay away 2 nights a week. It's so so hard. Running has given me one area of control over all the crap.. Control over my body which feels good!


lovin the story! lol


Lovely mummy for doing running with your son! :)

Time for meals - depends on the meal somewhat - quantity and quality - a few days ago someone had trouble 4 hours after a curry, I think. Sometimes I'm sure I've run within an hour or so of a light meal without problems though.


Keep asking my 12 year old daughter if she would like to come out running with me but apparently it is not COOL to be seen out running with your mum.

So glad you have such a good bond with your son - your story mad me smile.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to morningglory

You know when I started he told me I looked ridiculous. However when I told him about the programme he loved the idea and is v competitive so wants to keep improving. If we see anyone he knows he suddenly disappears. I also compromised and I don't wear the bright orange sweatband anymore! There is bound to be something appealing in it for your 12 year old... I hope she changes her mind as sure she will love it :)

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