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Week 8 Run 3 - another 5km

Hi all!

I returned from Copenhagen last night and wanted to complete week 8 ASAP, so I got up early this morning to go for a run. I found this run a bit tougher and I'm blaming the good food that I've been eating over the past 3 days! Below are km splits:

1km - 5'07"

2km - 5'24"

3km - 5'40"

4km - 5'41"

5km - 5'23"

I ran 5.25km in w8r2 and knew it would be difficult to beat this so I didn't push myself too much. After the first 2km I was feeling tired so I slowed down a bit. When I reached 4km I knew I had to up the pace to reach 5km, I managed to do it but was tired by the end of the 28 minutes. In all I managed to run 5.13km.

I track my runs with the Nike+ running app and I am hoping the link below will share my run with you all. Please let me know if it works. As long as the body allows me I will begin week 9 tomorrow!


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