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Week 8 Run 1 - Woohooo 5km!!!!!!


Hi all!

Just returned from week 8 run 1 and managed to run 5.1km. My km splits were:

1km - 5'10"

2km - 5'17"

3km - 5'32"

4km - 5'46"

5km - 5'41"

My W7R3 pace was enough for 5km but I wasn't sure if I would have the stamina to keep it up, but I wanted to give it a go. I started fast and kept it up for 2km and then knew that I could slow down a bit and still achieve 5km. When I hit 4km I knew the 5km was in the bag and it felt good! I reached 5km and still had 30 seconds to go! My aim now is to keep this pace up and take it into week 9. I can start to plan my post C25K runs now!

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Well done Aftabs! That's great that you've hit 5k pre-graduation! Out of interest, how are you measuring your pace? Do you have a GPS watch? At the moment I have no idea how far I'm running so any advice would be good!


Thanks. I am using the Nike+ running app on my iPhone. There are many other running apps available too so I don't want to start advertising for Nike! I am only using them because I have a Nike FuelBand which motivated me to keep exercising before I began C25K and all the data is uploaded to one profile on Nikes website.

However if you don't have a smartphone then a GPS watch is another alternative, but if you have a smartphone then a running app is an easy way to track your runs. It definitely motivates me when the app gives me the split times after each km!


That's brilliant running Aftabs!

Before I had my (lovely!) gps Garmin watch, I timed my runs and plotted them on google earth or wtp2recorder.appspot.com/wh... - there are various other sites as well, if you don't have a smart phone. Now though, I'd really miss my garmin. :)


Wow , that's fast! I'm way way slower than that!


That sounds great Aftabs!! Well done, hope my runs are a great as yours when I get to week 8. I'm on W6 at the moment, and it's been taking me about 6/7 mins after the podcast has finished, to reach my 5k, so to do it whilst the podcast is still playing like you're doing would be great!! :-)

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