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Week 8 Run 2 - 5.25km ran - 3 personal bests!

Hi all!!!

After running 5km in my previous run I decided that for the rest of C25K I would try and rack up a few personal bests while also completing the time. Here is a breakdown of today's run:

1km - 4'49"

2km - 5'29"

3km - 5'21"

4km - 5'35"

5km - 5'16"

The first PB I wanted to get was fasted km, so I set out fast and beat my previous by 20 seconds. Once I hit that I settled into a good pace and kept it up for the next 3km. Once I hit the beginning of the 5th km I upped the pace but couldn't do it by too much because my legs were getting a bit heavy by then but when I reached the 5km it was in 26'29" which beat my previous run by a minute! So I was very happy. I slowed down a bit for the remaining 90 seconds and still ran 5.25km which was my furthest. I understand that at this early stage of my running I will be getting PBs very often but it's a way of keeping myself motivated.

I am off to Copenhagen for work tomorrow so I will have to finish week 8 on Friday. My aim now is to get as close to a 25 min 5km before finishing C25K. It's ambitious but I think I will be there or thereabouts!

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Wow, impressive times, Aftabs - you're really motoring along already. You'll definitely be able to improve your times with a bit more practice, so I reckon your goal of 25 minutes for 5k is very possible. Great stuff. (looking with envy at that 4:45 time for 1k... :) )


Thanks Landesman! I have a few friends who have been running for years and can run both distance and sub 20 min 5km's so I use them as inspiration. I'm a long way off them but I'm moving in the right direction.


Crikey! You're very speedy! Amazing times, but please be careful to not push it too much if your muscles are still learning to run as you wouldn't want up risk injury.


* to risk


Thanks for the advice Rollertoaster. I haven't had any muscle problems so far and have been careful to warm down after the runs. But if I do feel any problems I will definitely slow it down.


Good going! In that case it sounds like you are well on the way to achieving your target times then, good luck and do let us know how you get on!


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