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Ok so I should be doing week 6:run 3 this morning. I am very much an early morning running type. Quick banana and out. This morning it’s bouncing down! Proper rain.

Now I don’t bother about rain. I have a dog. Whatever the weather, I’m out, but you can wear a raincoat when walking.

I did run 2 on Sunday and it started out dry, but was bouncing by 15 minutes in. I’ve never been so wet without a shower 😆 I really don’t want wet trainers again though and to actually be wet before I’ve got to the end of the street wearing a pair of capris and a running T-shirt. I also don’t want rain to stop play when I go back to work in September.

Sooo.... what do you do when it’s raining? Do you just wait, and go out later (I don’t like this idea, I struggle for time, I hate people, and I’m shattered in the evenings)? Do you go out and just get drenched and forget it? Do you leave it for another day (don’t like this idea myself)? What do you wear when it’s raining?

Thanks in advance if you got this far 😁

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Good question. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer but I'm keen to find out.

I'm guessing it might include a waterproof running shoes, jacket and perhaps a cap or hood to keep water out of eyes and maintain visibility.

During the recent heatwave, there's been nothing quite so refreshing as going out walking in the precious few torrential downpours we've had, and it's prompted more thought about what running the rain might be like.

A related question:

Leaves are starting to fall from the trees. They can be slippery under foot when dry and even more slippery when wet, so what precautions do people take when running in the autumn?

Leaves are a good point actually. We have a lot of those round here aswell.

Definitely a running cap - on Sunday I literally couldn’t see by the end!

My worry about a jacket is I hate being hot. I don’t want to overheat.

Generally I just go anyway. The only exception would be that torrential, stair rods sort. I actually positively enjoy running in the rain and coming home to a hot shower. One run that I will always remember saw sleet hitting me horizontally in the left ear.

I do have a light shower jacket, but it has become a walking jacket as I disliked the sensation of being hot and sweaty in a nylon jacket. It but me in mind of 'boil in the bag' :)

A peaked hat is very helpful to keep the rain out of your eyes. Your trainers should sort themselves out as you run, they will drain (some clever shoe making tech).

All you can do is experiment and find your preferences but trust me, it will be fun to find out all the running weather over the next year :)

Thanks for replying. This is what puts me off about a jacket. I imagine as temperatures drop though I might need to adapt my clothing.

Does it not ruin your trainers getting them wet?

I don’t mind drizzle, or even rain once I’ve started. This is the torrential stuff though. And I’ve heard of chafing and blisters being a problem in heavy rain. Ugh it’s a minefield!

No your trainers will be fine, You can stuff them with newspaper if you are an organised type, I just leave mine to dry out. Given that I never clean my shoes, the occasional rainy run helps a lot! Shoes should still be fine for 500 miles or so.

It isn't really a minefield. summer- shorts and vest. Autumn and Spring- T shirt and Capris. Cold Winter- Leggings, skin, T shirt, buff and gloves and a hat if you get a cold head (which I don't). Add a peaked hat if it's rainy

Thank you - I’ll have faith in the trainers ‘technology’ 😆


As to clothing, synthetics are better than natural fibres in the wet.

It's a pity you can't get windscreen wipers for spectacles, though. 🤣

I wear a running jacket in the rain as the hood covers my headphones(didn’t wear it today and got them a bit wet but they seem ok!) I have a regatta breathable one, it’s not too bad I don’t get overheated and trust me I am jogging at 161 heart rate working hard and it’s bearable to be in it. I have Adidas alpha boost trainers with a continental tyre grip on them so I can run without worry of slipping, I would never not run even in tamping it down rain as I need the mental boost as well as the physical, but I get some people may not like the dripping eyes and hands etc. I’m looking into a running hat next as we approach autumn x

Thank you for replying. Is your jacket running specific?

Cheapest I could find in a breathable waterproof online x google search x I wasn’t about to pay 75 quid for a Nike running jacket that’s for sure lol x if you can afford that though go for it as I’m sure it’s the best option as it’s exactly for runners, I will try to find mine now and put the image on here

I only ask because I have a Karimor breathable one and I’m wondering if that would be ok.

Yes That’s prob the exact same kind of jacket, is it light ? You really don’t need any mega layer weight just nice and floaty

Leera lll regatta breathable waterproof is the nearest I can find online now to mine x

Thank you! Maybe I’ll try my cycling waterproof and my karrimoor as the weather changes.

I schedule my runs to make the most of the rain. I love running in it, no matter how hard, especially in the summer. It even doesn’t put me off in the winter, although I’m not so keen until I warm up. 🏃‍♀️💦🏃‍♀️💦

Embrace it. 🥰

I don’t like going out in the rain - wouldn’t enjoy it one bit so I’d wait - then again I have no patience either so it’s the lesser of the evils waiting or getting wet 😁

You describe my morning so far 😂😂😂


If you don’t want to wait- go out, get wet and dry off when you get home! Skin is watertight so you won’t come to any harm and your gear will dry - packing your shoes with newspaper will help them dry out quicker. You won’t be alone out there and I know loads of people really enjoy running in the rain! Give it a whirl and see how you get on!

I did it.... no cap or coat, but I did it and it’s in the bag. It was awful - first 25 minutes run!

I’m sure the next one will be better. I lost my bobble halfway round and had to retrace steps to get it before I melted... a car splashed me, but I was proud I had enough energy to speak some choice words in his direction. Nice shower now.....

I'm not sure if there are extra marks for doing C25K runs in the rain, but there should be! Well done. :)

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