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Week 1 Run 2

OK - need to get something off my chest before i get into the bloggy thing. What are the rules about turning over the TV screens in a gym?? Personally I go for if you are the only 1 in the gym, you have the right to turn off all the trashy pop music channels, soap channels and put on news channels (or shopping channels !!!!) or any channel of MY!! choice, I'm the only one in the gym so why would the instructors want to turn it back - it's there for my viewing and not yours.

Rant over .....

So after the crappiest day ever at work, i really didn't have the moitvation to get on the treadmill and do the 2nd run. However 2 screaming/fighting kids later I was desperate to get out the house for 45 minutes - all the motivation i needed. Started the warm-up walk and found myself getting into a rhythm quite easily, got quite into the recent news events

on the TV screens and before I knew it I was halfway through the sequence of walk/run.

Completed another 3.2k, and felt fantastic - if very sweaty.

Woke up this morning with a few niggles on the inside of my knees, but nothing a rest for 24 hours won't cure - is it weird that i'm already looking forward to the next run? (something that i'd never hear myself saying a month ago = 1st of May i made the promise, eat healthy, get healthy, become an Adonis - 2 out of 3 ain't bad).

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Try running outside preferably in a park. The scenery and smells are so much better than in a gym!


Aiming to to Week 1 Run 3 tomorrow morning around the lake through whatever weather mother nature throws at me - well that's the plan.


Hey good for you, it's a great way to let off steam and get some you time isnt it, this running lark. :-) and well done for starting the eating and getting healthy plan, good luck with your runs :-)


Personally I prefer running outside, however with a gym at my doorstep, I have no excuse for bad weather and end up using it quite often (spring, where are you?). Luckily, the machine here each has their own screen, so I read the sequence beforehand and just have to keep an eye on the time to speed up/slow down.

If news is what makes you run indoors, then go for it!


My gym has individual TV screens in the pieces of equipment that you control yourself. Problem solved! :)


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