Week 8 Run 2

Well, off I went to Hamworthy, sure that this time there would be no hitches with ipod or anything else-wrong! Reached destination to find a gale howling-literally-and when I eventually got out of the car (the wind was so fierce I couldn't open the door wide enough) the sea was up to the wall and very angry! I've never seen full tide here before. Anyway off I went for my 5 minute warmup walk, then started to run. I reached the promenade and started running along-hmmm, not so bad after all. Then I turned the corner and the sea was jumping over the prom. I carried on for a while, but, as the wind was very much against me too, decided that I had to turn back and run inland in the park area. The wind now behind me I sailed along like a Galleon in full sail-whoops, nearly missed the turn back into the park. I passed my "seasoned" runner, who has been so encouraging to me over the past 8 weeks, and she said really hard today, so I was quite pleased as it wasn't only me. I finished the run exhausted, did my warm down walk and drove home, which consists of sitting for 20 minutes. Oooooh! The pain! When I got out of the car I could hardly move. Gradually as the day has gone on the stiffness is disappearing. I think my muscles got a Thai style workout today :-). I wonder what run 3 will bring on Friday? Run 1 ipod playing silly 'b's' and not functioning properly, now today ipod behaving, but a battering from the weather. Good luck everyone out there in similar weather today :-)


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16 Replies

  • Well done Pearsey for battling the elements and not giving up! I hate running in the wind so really admire your perseverance, especially on the sea front.....

    I too ached a lot last night after my W8R1 but after stretches and arnica gel I feel almost back to normal today - almost!!!

    Good luck for Friday!

  • I was quite lucky with the weather last night Sue, and although slow as always in the evening found it quite comfortable. Best wishes for your next run Jxx

  • Yes me too in the end - thought it was going to be really windy but it had eased up a lot by 6pm thank goodness! I was slow too compared to the weekend but it proved to be fine - 31 mins in total!! Not long to go the the finish line now Jackie! Sxx

  • Thank you SBG356. After that I dragged my husband out for his walk, as I wanted him to see the seafront in all its rage and beauty-and it was spectacular! So this afternoon I drove him there and we walked-brisk walked mind, not your common or garden strolling-my 5 minute warm up walk pathway. We got to the seafront, and although he had seen and heard it from a distance he couldn't believe it! We started walking down the prom and I warned him that when he turned the corner at the beach huts he wouldn't be able to go any further-we still walked it that far, then the full anger of the sea was to be seen slamming against the wall and spraying furiously. We walked back to the car and went on to Asda to shop. My aches and pains subsided with the extra walking and I feel comfortable now. I was tempted to run whilst I was there, but didn't as the wind was still ferocious. It really needed to be seen to be believed.

  • Sounds amazing! What a lovely backdrop for a run though (withought the gales!); beats my pavement-pounding hands, or should that be feet, down!!

    Sue x

  • Excellent Pearsey.. I feel quite guilty now, my W8 R2 was super last night. I had been concerned during the day as the weather was very grey and miserable, however about 3:00pm the sky cleared, the sun shone and by the time I got home from work it was a glorious autumnal evening. The leaves are changing on the tree's and the puddles glistened as I pounded past. As always in the evening it was hard work and I was slower than an early weekend session but I did it. Good luck for R3.. P.S How close are we to the end..... :-)

  • Thank you Jlow. As you see from the above it didn't end there, but i just had to go back and take Richard with me to witness it. Yes, I suffered :-), but to feel and see the elements like that was quite something! Glad your run went ok-it was so glorious yesterday, like a summers day. It doesn't matter that you were slower-I definitely was-but that you completed it. It was really strange as driving home-and I forgot to put this-I had the radio on radio 2. Pause for thought came on and this girl was describing a charity run that she did with others. She was covered in mud, sweat and tears running down her face. One of the lads she was running with encouraged her on to the end, and she was thinking of how hard she worked for her masters Degree in Medicine and how she had striven to achieve that. At the end she said "it doesn't matter how slow you are getting there-the point is to get there in the end". It really struck a chord with me as these last two runs have been harder because of circumstances out of my control, and I struggled to get there. I have a feeling that Friday will be different for me and different for you-we will fly Jlow!

    By the way are we allowed to disclose our real names? I feel ready to do this.

  • I'm not sure on the etiquette regarding names, but I'm Jackie... The girl on the radio was right. I know I won't make the 5k in 30mins by W9 R9 but I will make sure I complete the 30 minutes (currently averaging 8 minute/km) and set my next goal to shave of the two minutes. Best wishes for Friday Jx

  • I've no idea whether I will or I won't-I just run whatever I'm told and do it for the length of time I'm told and assume I've run 5k in 30 minutes as advertised by Friday week. Yeeeah!

    I don't count my steps, nor do I have a clue how far I run-I just do it! Sometimes I'm fast, sometimes I'm slow. i go at my own pace and mostly enjoy it. I'm still feeling sore from this morning-I suppose as it's the evening I'm noticing it more?

    Are you going onto Stepping Stones next Jackie?

    Good luck for your next run.

    Colette x

  • Well done, Pearsey / Collette, you're a hero for going out in such dramatic weather! It would be all too easy to talk yourself out of it. Only 4 runs left, woo hoo!

  • Yes Sooz-still aching all over from yesterday. Had a bad night and ended up taking Paracetamol with some milk at 3 am. My husband thinks I'm mad going out tomorrow-he's probably right!

    As you say easy to talk yourself out of it, but with four runs to go it's tantalizingly near.

    Colette-not misspelt, that's the way it is :-)

  • Well done! That wild weather would have made it so easy to have given up, so exhausting trying to run in the wind ... just more confirmation that you really are a runner! The next run will be a breeze, and then 3 to go! Keep us in the loop :)

  • Weather today was as calm as a millpond-what a difference to Wednesday. Yes, today was another Gremlin day, lol!! I had to stop mid walk to visit the loo (I was passing by) and put the ipod on pause. Silly me, I thought it would continue where it left off. I put it back on-different music, but then maybe the track had finished?? Carried on walking-whoa there, way past my 5 minute warm up walk where I normally start my run. Then sweet Laura's voice telling me that I've reached my goal and if I know anyone who could benefit etc.etc. I realised it had come on at the end of the tape. Hecky thump!! Restarted and, as already walked 5 mins, decided to start running with warm up music instead, as the timing would be the same. I got going and Laura said the times (+5 mins in my head). I really went well and even increased my pace. Then Laura said 5 mins to go-I'd finished and felt really good! Other Gremlin was a dog that rushed me-I said no and it backed off. Second time round it did the same so yelled at the owner to control her dog. She turned to her friend and said I had no business telling her to control her dog-I shouldn't be running there (very overweight, in need of c-5k lady!). I didn't bother to acknowledge that I had heard and finished my run. It was fantastic to know that I had finished when I should have had another 5 mins to go. Warm down to last 5 mins running music then home for hot shower and breakfast.

  • Replying in haste - you will beat the Gremlins!! Your determination is never in doubt ... and you even upped the pace, you are just too good! But ... can't believe the dog woman - how rude! Looking forward to your Week 9 :)

  • Yes I know-but takes all sorts. Only one snag with graduation run on Friday. i had to take my husband into hospital yet again with an infection. They know how to treat it, but continue to treat the symptoms, not the cause. So today was the day! Phone call blasted Sister on the cancer ward for the error-big one-that took place 6 weeks ago-then went on to say that in my day (I vowed when I was a student nurse I would NEVER say that) the patient observations (TPR) were irrelevant, it was the observation of the patient that decides how you treat or not treat them. I was oh so very polite-but not sarcastic or rude, courteous at all times! In the end she said she would get the doctor to phone me. He said to bring him in. Did bloods/examination. I stated what I knew needed to be done. He suddenly said he needed to make a phone call-and yes, Richard is booked in for next Friday! Yeeeeah! Hopefully I will be able to drive him to Bournemouth Hospital, drive back to Hamworthy, do my run, drive home, shower, breakfast then go back. That's the plan anyway-but as you know all the best laid plans etc.....

    Just so good seeing the banner alongside your name rubbishrunner-can't wait for mine to appear like that too :-). How's it going for you post graduation. Are you doing stepping stones, or your own thing?


  • Oh no, hope everything goes well ... sometimes I think hospital staff think they are working in some form of office rather than looking after people ... so Friday will be a really big day then! Will be waiting for your blog! :)

    I've been a bit lazy since graduating, done a couple of shorter jogs, 15-20 minutes each and one 30 minutes. When I get a new MP3 I will download the Stepping Stones and perhaps try the speed one since I am still quite a long way off 5k. On the plus side, in a couple of weeks there is a running group starting at work so I will go to that.

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