5 days to go and mini celebration!

Well, a glass of red wine and some delicious cheddar cheese (with chillis in it!)

I did a swim with a friend this morning. Ached a surprising amount afterwards. But, who cares? Only 5 days to go! (so excited!)

I have most of it planned:

Tomorrow: gym (or walk, will decide tomorrow)

Saturday: run (can't wait!)

Sunday one hour tennis lesson

Monday: swim with another friend I haven't seen in ages

Tuesday: the big day...a run of course..through my favourite bluebell woods I expect.

Then a special meal out with my long-suffering husband (whose idea it was to do 100 days in the first place!)

Then the next day we have dinner with our '50 marathons in 50 days' friend, whom I adore, but it will no doubt bring me back to the ground with a bump!

Thanks everyone for reading and keeping me companyXX


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25 Replies

  • Well done Theresa! I am getting so excited for you! I bet you look and feel amazing! You mentioned hubby, did he do the challenge with you? Not sure what I will be doing in your honor tonight, one minute I think bike ride, the next either a run or walk. Its clouding over here, so hopefully I can get it in before a storm. Gayle

  • Hubby has supported me, but not doing it with me! He has been very, very encouraging and I think will be very proud on Tuesday :0

  • TJ I've been "relaxing" since Sunday's party but joined you for a run tonight .... ridiculous to think after 50 runs it still went through my head I wonder if I can do this but settled for an enjoyable gentle trot .... like I'd never been away.

    Keep on keeping on :-)

  • Isn't that weird! I think, after six days,'I'd better run, because I might not remember how to otherwise'

    I am so glad that you've been relaxing, and I hope to do the same soon! and thank you SO much for joining me tonight, hope you enjoyed your run :)

  • Red wine and cheese.......heaven!!

    Did a 6k walk for you today Theresa. Looking forward to Tuesday's celebrations!! :)

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue; too much red wine, but I added an Italian breast of chicken to the menu (thanks to my butcher!) Hope you enjoyed your 6k walk :)

  • Well done Theresa, cheddar cheese ... mmmmm...brings out the mouse in me :-D

  • Lovely, but prefer mozzarella ;)

  • Glass of wine to try and relax those gardening leg muscles. Mmmm! Cutting and pasting photos at the moment - team shot coming up soon!

  • oh goodness. Be honest, I can send more if mine is rubbish!!

  • Looks great! I'm waiting for a couple more tomorrow, then I'll send everyone a copy.

    Now... That mention of cheese earlier made me peckish, so if I have nightmares tonight, I'll know who to blame! :D

  • Well done! Nearly there now, I can feel your anticipation for the finish! :)

  • Anticipation...crawling/begging for the finish line, more like ;)

  • Oh TJ - I let you down today. I was just knackered by the middle of the afternoon. Got home and fell asleep on the couch. Couch - mmmmm

    So I haven't done a run today. I'm still walking nearly 4k to/from car and office so that's at least something.

    It's the last day of the academic session tomorrow and we're having a shindig in the evening. I'll have a couple of hours hanging around before dinner, so will get my new running shoes on for the first time and do 5/10 (or maybe even a 100 metre dash!) in the streets of Dundee.

  • I'm with you for the shindig! That's it. that's all you have to do! I finish my term tomorrow and I'm at a loose end: please may I keep you company? I'm good at runnning around car parks:)

  • Full of admiration for you TJ - I'm in need a rest just reading about it! I won't be able to run on Sunday, but I'll do my best to do 'something' every other day til Tuesday in your honour!

  • Thank you! Tuesday is the BIG day, and a run would be wonderful!

    :) :)

  • I've done a bit of walking and some gardening/patio cleaning today, running in the morning, first with daughter on week1 run3, then I'll go and do my own thing afterwards (probably Stamina).

    Back at work on early shifts at the weekend but will try and do a bike ride or walk, run on Monday as change onto night shifts but Tuesday will be tight on time as it's a 12 hour night so have to get up and get straight back to work!

    You have done a fantastic job and I'm sure coming to the end will feel overwhelming! :-)

  • It must be so tough doing shifts and trying to fit in some exercise too, because it is so changeable. You're coping really well with this, and it just shows that it can be done, no matter how hard we work!

    I think coming to the end will be overwhelming, you're right! I may need sme tissues, and I've bought a box, just in case!

  • I've walked a total of 6.5k today. I was thinking of a run but I felt very physically tired (and it was windy and cold - wimp!) and I want to do parkrun on Saturday so decided to save myself. To be honest pushing the pram into a headwind from town for nearly 4k was enough! I don't feel too bad considering I did 5k Sunday and 7k Tuesday which is massive for me as a very recent graduate. I can also now feel the Swiss ball class in my abs and across the shoulders, but in quite a nice way so that's good.

  • Let me know how the park run went x

    The swiss ball class will get easier; I felt my abs and shoulders quite badly at first.

  • Did my weekly tempo run today and really enjoyed it. Sixty minutes, forty of which was chugging away at almost 10K race pace (apart from 2 slower kms - I don't know why?) and I got back feeling good.

  • I never like tempo runs, so hardly ever do them. I may have to try them again, once the 100 days are over.

    Glad you feel good!! :)

  • Nearly there! You should be really proud of yourself and hope you are treating yourself to something special when you finish.

  • Thank you! I will be going out in the evening to celebrate with my long-suffering husband! I may book in a massage for the next day too; I don't normally like them, but could do with one now!!

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