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5x50 day 47 and I never learn

I didn't t do anything yesterday as I went to Glasgow and back with my friend. Today I decided (against the advice from the physio) as I am so bored with the gym bike. BIG mistake, took me 50 minutes on the treadmill with a the incline set at 2 but the pain after it is really not worth it. Yes I miss running and I do miss walking but I am going to have to take heed until this heel is better which may take a few months. Will do the last days of the challenge on the bike then going to go for a daily swim.

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Back on track today was like a zombie yesterday.

I'm sorry to hear about the injuries still being bad.

It's tough to sit and wait out the healing period sometimes you just have to though.

Hopefully it won't be to long in the grand scheme of things before you are running again.

I did 25k on the gym bike tonight taking me up to 480 so 8 should get my target 500 easily by Sunday.

Does anyone have any plans to celebrate the finish?


I'm suffering with a sore knee. I've had a sore muscle in the front of my thigh for a week or two, but as it wasn't too bad and wasn't getting any worse I just ran with it. In fact, after my legs had warmed up with a few minutes running, I didn't feel any twinges from my thigh.

But on yesterday's run, the thigh pain didn't go away and made me run awkwardly, so off-kilter in fact, that I developed a sore knee. It wasn't too bad when I finished my cool down walk and felt better by the evening. Today I'm aware of knee pain and pain in the thigh. I did a very slow bike ride to the post office and a wee ways beyond, before turning back - doing a slow 6km. I've been resting my leg since, but it's no better. I think I'll need to give it complete rest tomorrow. :-(

Re celebrating on Sunday - I'm supposed to be running in the first Culloden Run (10K race) as organised by Chest, Heart and Stroke, Scotland. I've been signed up for this for weeks and this is why I right scunnered (to put it mildly!) about the sore knee :-(


Thanks for posting this Angel108, It has stopped me from chancing my arm and going for a run on my poorly ankle!

Well done for carrying on with the challenge! Not long now, good luck!


That's very annoying. Can you strap it up for the run?


Have you noticed that if you enter an even number of hours it gets recorded as seconds on the 5x50 site?


No, never noticed that. I'm wondering why we need to enter a time, since the total time is not shared anywhere on the site.

I'm planning to see how my knee goes today (still sore going up and down stairs) then rest it again tomorrow and see how it goes.


George42, what are you doing to celebrate the finish of the challenge?

Is Mrs42 about to graduate C25K about now?

A joint celebration?


She is nearly finished she has done Week 9 run 1 so she won't finish by Sunday. I had hoped we could do the last 5k together.

I don't know what to do on Sunday to celebrate.


I am going to celebrate by knowing on Monday I don't HAVE to fit in a 5k! May want to but don't have to. Oh it's very stormy here today so I am trying not to look out the window while working and when am finished work will get into my gym gear and just go and get it done. Just had a call from my son saying its snowing in the town centre. Joy!


Weather update: blowing a blizzard here too!


We've had hail and a wee bit snow.


It's is now lying really's only October! Did go to the gym and do 20k on the bike. Now toastie at home with a steak dinner and a cheeky red wine. 2 more days....yes!!


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