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50 days to Fit!

That's what the 5x50* T shirt says and I have just ordered one :)

I can't wait until all 26 of you (or more :) ) join me in the challenge in two weeks time!

For a re-cap; I started early, aiming to do 100 days, so that I would get fit and hopefully get a better figure before going to Sydney on the 23rd. It sounds a bit vain, but I just wanted to look my best and feel confident about myself for the holiday. The actual challenge doesn't start until March 31st which would have been too late for me to achieve the pre-holiday thing.

So...I have done exactly four weeks now. The last few days have been as follows:

Day 25: 60 minute step class

Day 26: 30 minute swim

Day 27: 5k walk

Day 28: 5k run

It is becoming a way of life already! If I haven't done my 5k or a fitness session by mid day then I become edgy!! I tried swimming on Friday, after work, because I'd always thought it would be a nice way to end the working week, but just never got around to doing it. Well, it really was as good as I'd imagined. Why has it taken until now to do this!? It's funny how you have ideas but often never carry them through.

So this time next week I will be on the plane. I will have to do a 5k walk walking around the airport in Singapore on Sunday before the last leg to Sydney, because we won't arrive until Monday and it would be cheating to miss a day! I'll take my garmin to make sure I cover the 5k.

I hope the T shirt arrives before we go :)

* 5x50 challenge is for comic relief. for more information and to join the Couch to 5k team.

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You are doing really well - very inspiring! I've started doing some walking on 'rest days' and although I haven't managed to do every day, I have definitely done more exercise than I was before, which has to be good!

Will you still be posting from Australia? Hope so!


Thanks Greenlegs, yes, I am hoping to keep posting from Australia. I remember that I read that they will be doing running 'events' for day one of the challenge and the final day too; wouldn't it be brilliant if there was one in Sydney! Well done with the extra walking, your muscles will thank you! :)


Yep, ordered mine too!! :)

Wow, becoming a way of life; that's fantastic to be able to say that! Bet you can't wait for your trip Theresa and to run somewhere different! Just hope it's not too hot for it but what a great experience! Look forward to reading all about it!

Sue x


WOW, TJ - sounds incredible, and you're making me feel so inadequate. (:->)

Hope you have a great trip to Sydney. I don't know if you recall the logs that I wrote when I was visiting my son last April - you made some great comments which, as a recent 'graduate', I really appreciated. So I'd love to hear how you get on and to compare notes. You have to run the bridge and see if the " Joggers slow down" sign is still there! There's a parkrun in Sydney each Saturday morning - I wasn't there in time, but it sounded pretty good. Anyway, I'm sure you've already looked into everything. 5k at Changi (:->) made me laugh - it's probably big enough & with even a brief stop over you could probably do it ... but the though brought up a different picture; one of you jogging up the aisle on one side of the Airbus and down the other aisle. If you kept on doing that loop, you could legitimately claim that you had run all the way from London to Siingapore. Ouch - my jokes don't improve, do they?

Best of luck.


Thank you! Ilooked up the parkruns but unfortunately it is a long way from where I'm staying, and starts at 8am :O

I might need to get onto a moving conveyor belt and jog in the opposite direction at Changi !!

I'll definitely take a photo of the joggers sign. I remember reading your blogs from Sydney!


Well done on your first four weeks.

I, too, have been swimming for the first time in ages (maybe 5 years since I was last at the pool, although I dipped in Loch Morlich after work a few times the past few summers). I really enjoyed it, although I don't think I can do much more than 30 minutes of swimming lengths before getting bored..


Yep, 30 minutes is my max. or I shrivel up like a prune.


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