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Marathon Training - 18 days to go!!!


Another quick update - those of you who checked in Friday - will know that Sat was my last long run -18 miles. I was very excited about it- knowing it was the last massive effort before the big day. I added to my running play list, bag packed with goodies- sweeties gels and Malt loaf. I can report the malt loaf was a great success - had two pre- slices at half way point - yummy.

I was so excited about this run - last long one and all - can't quite believe i have come this far. I was fair bouncing along - far too fast and had to keep slowing down. i also didn't realise I and put together the playlist of my life and was re-visiting old haunts. Uni days, boyfriends, sad/happy time, old marriage my kids etc. At one point in the run I realised I had tears streaming down my face (Stevie wonders - isn't she lovely - my babies!). So I had to stop and just let those feelings pass- not sad - just lifes stepping stones along the way.

During my runs I have done a lot of processing of old anxieties and worries - and I do believe I may have exorcised those demons.--It certainly feels like it. Onward cheered myself up with the stones and salsa. It was a gorgeous day and I was in a mainly happy place. Tested all the gels and what not- all good. My only problem was at 15 miles - I was just bored - I and run out of route and could not face another monotonous lap. So I chucked the towel in with plenty of energy in my legs. No aches and pains to speak off - and felt good enough. I have been reassured by many experienced runners - this will be enough for the London Marathon. But I will chuck in a HM on Friday for good measure.

So 18 days to go - my race number has come through - 35 000ish out of 55 000- blimey- an awe inspiring figure. I am much less anxious now and much of the twitter has reduced in my head. I now know where the start line is, there are plenty of loo's and hooray hooray 98.5 % of people who start- finish on the day. I am sure i will be one of them :-).

So what now- need to add to playlist - Lou reed's - Perfect day, Pulp fiction soundtrack and Talk dirty to me....just the mood I am in....

I feel so ALIVE...

Happy running folks :-)

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Lots of luck, it'll be tough, hang in there :-)

suzybenjGraduate in reply to crox

Thanks for your good wishes Crox - much appreciated. And i will hang in there- even if I have to crawl. :-)


Great post. You certainly sound mentally ready and we all know that's most of the battle won. The very best of luck with all of it!

suzybenjGraduate in reply to squaremum

Thank you - I do feel in a very calm place. Probably - calm before the storm :-)


That made me cry... I so get what you are saying.. I often cry and scream out all the emotional pain from my life when I run and it really helps... You are more than ready.... I'm so excited for you!!

suzybenjGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks JJ - I knew you would get it- I really feel like I have been on some sort of pilgrimage - and lots of things make sense know. And what was important/worrying- seems less so. Just working on the next bit of the puzzle now - how to maintain what I have achieved. Probably needs another long run or two to sort that out :-)

Wow so exciting not long really now. You sounds well and truly ready for it. I am excited for you. I know you will ace. Most of all have fun.

suzybenjGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you - and I will try to have fun - otherwise what is the point. I have to keep reminding myself - no one is making me do this - I have chosen to do this :-)


Gosh, that's awesome! Respect!

suzybenjGraduate in reply to misswobble

Why thank you Miss W :-). I really appreciate that.


Amazing! Sounds like you are going to be fab on the day. All the very best of luck

suzybenjGraduate in reply to caj62

Blimey I hope so - it is all a bit of self talk at the moment :-)

Good luck, am so excited for you what a challenge!

suzybenjGraduate in reply to Prin

giggle - challenge is one word for it. But I now have it in my sights and I am very focussed. Thanks for your support Prin :-)


Wow, lovely post, how exciting. Good luck, go off and enjoy yourself x

suzybenjGraduate in reply to no-excuse

Thank you for your support and good wishes


What a brilliant post. I almost ("almost") feel like signing up for the Marathon myself! You make the path to being ready for it, sound so liberating. I love your last comment that you feel ALIVE - how wonderful.

The very best of luck for the Marathon and I am genuinely looking forward to reading your post run report!

You made me smile when you slipped in that you will run a half Marathon before the main event - to someone on week 4 just done run 2, that sounds pretty awesome in itself.


suzybenjGraduate in reply to Rupertlebear

Thanks for your support and comments- really made me smile. I will be posting my years anniversary post this weekend- a long years journey on C25K.....

suzybenjGraduate in reply to Rupertlebear

PS - sry - congrats on getting to week four - best of luck with the rest of the programme - it truly has been fantastic for me - I am sure it will be for you too:-)


This is really exciting, I've enjoyed reading your training blogs and will look forward to your report of the big day. Enjoy the tapering and especially the VLM itself. :-)

suzybenjGraduate in reply to notbad

Thanks not bad - I really can't believe I have got this far - I am so excited:-)


Wishing you well for the London Marathon, as it sounds like you've really nailed all the training brilliantly. Superb post suzibenj. Superb.

I am reminded of a quote that I live my life by ;

"There are grown ups of 15 and kids of 50. The happiest people are those that retain a streak of childishness, to balance out the demands of maturity."

Nuff said.

suzybenjGraduate in reply to danzargo

Thanks Day-Z - like it :-) :-)


That is one fabulous post; you're just so up for this marathon and you're gonna nail it. Well done you. Go girl!!!!

suzybenjGraduate in reply to OldNed

thank you so much ON - I do feel very ready - i just hope it is not misplaced optimism:-)


How wonderful and all those miles!!! envious and admire!! Had to laugh about all the goodies! Good luck sounds like you are ready x

suzybenjGraduate in reply to carole01

thank you so much Carole - the goodies are part of the mental motivation - can only have them when i have done so many miles :-)

carole01Graduate in reply to suzybenj

I just imagined a running picnic!! lol :) Sounds like a good motivator to me


That is just the best blog!

You have done so well to get this far, you are amazing. Very best of luck for the big day

suzybenjGraduate in reply to Nerdio

Thank you so much Nerdio your support and interest is greatly appreciated:-)


well done suzybenj your almost there you go get them :)

suzybenjGraduate in reply to moger

Thank you - as you say almost there - 17 days to go now...

This is awesome and inspiring! Will be watching you on the telly and cheering you on :)

suzybenjGraduate in reply to PortlySportly

Thank you for your support PSportly- I will be taking all those good wishes vibes on the day:-)

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