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Rock N Roll baby...

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Friday night was my once a month escape...a night out with Wendy and stay at her house. The plan was run, swim, eat, cocktails ( in that order)

We ran the most beautiful 8k around Bristol Docks and Ashton Court and saw the balloons close up!

Gave Lido a miss, then had noodles at Wagamama, then went back to hers and she had to bribe me to stay up, I just wanted my bed, and knew I needed to leave at 7 to go home and get ready for parkrun!!

Being out we saw the usual revellers getting totally pi$$ed, it looked no fun at all, and I just thought...'Ju, you are getting old' but then thought that I would much rather be having a delicious run with a my rock n roll is now running...and what is wrong with that? But I'm going to work on having lots of panthering fun too, I'm just better in the daytime!!!

Tired today as ran for 3 days on the trot, so I'm going to do my long run on run to tomorrow is sorting out clothes, workstuff, car etc as it needs military planning!!!

my 5 X 50 stats: 313k, 44 hours and 29 minutes...

Happy panthering everyone...



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I agree my boozy night out are definitely less since I started running. Now that I am training I am even more conscious of the after effects and being able to train. 2 x 125ml of wine and I am fine, any more and the training session gets worse and worse. I forgot the rule over Easter and suffered terriblely, put out my whole weeks training, lesson learnt. It sounds like you had fun night out. We all need some time off too. Happy panthering.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

well done you for cutting back, I can't say I'm quite so good!!!!!

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Sounds like a great run you had, JuJu. :-) I totally agree; running is my rock n roll these days too. I gave up alcohol at the beginning of the year as that, and sugary drinks, were playing havoc with my blood sugar. These days, sparkling mineral water and running are my party luxuries. God I sound old! I totally understand where you're coming from though.

Regarding run-commuting, I'm with you on that too: it is a bloody military operation. I intend starting about midway through B210K. So much needs taking into consideration. I've had to get a proper running rucksack, with two chest straps to stop the thing wobbling all over (OMM Last Drop 10L) and I got a 2 litre hydration bladder for it too. In the rucksack will go the day's food and a work polo shirt for the day. My breakfast when I get to work and the obligatory bottle of CRM. Once organised it will be fine but it requires forethought. How far's your commute?

Happy panthering! :-)

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

I am so impressed with your giving up alcohol...I can't say I have as I love red wine....bad I know but it helps with my life at the moment ( its quite complex!!)... As for my commute its about 14 miles, so I plan to leave as much as I can in the office the day before including next days' clothes, then run in and shower at work then change etc, then bus home...I'm exhausted just writing that!!!

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Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

I know what you mean, it is relaxing! I feel better for having given it up; my blood sugar was a bit broken but it's fine now.

Fourteen miles is a great commute; fantastic HM and beyond training! :-) It's just all the logistical side of it which is a pain, not the running itself but all the planning but I dare say it's something one gets used to after it becomes routine. Mine is about five miles each way; I plan, initially to run there and at first, half way back, three days a week but as I become more comfortable with it, I'll run all the way back too and detour as I increase my mileage.

Good luck for Tuesday! :-) it's a brilliant decision and once the Run Commute (RC) logistical difficulties are overcome, a perfectly sensible one. What are you doing about hydration, JuJu, taking a bottle? I run with a bottle now but for the RC I'm opting for rucksack hydration.

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I was just saying this to my husband, I used to be a major league boozer and now I've started this programme and found that the tiniest bits of booze are screwing with my week 6 progression it's getting packed in from today to graduation.

I can now say with total conviction that if it was between a night on the sauce or a run the next day, I'd take the run.

OMG, what have I become?! :o

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to BettysbOps

well problem is I do both as I love my wine.... :)

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Tis true, running and alcohol are incompatible. I've had 2 drinks since I started c25k and both times my run next day was much harder (mind you, I always was a bit of a lightweight!) Happy panthering

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to AncientMum

well done you :)

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I wish I could say I've changed my boozing habits - BUT I CAN'T! Although I have to say, last weeks parkrun with monumental hangover was a massive mistake and I'm NOT EVER gonna do that again. But I'm like you JUJU - running is now something I think about everyday and I suppose it has become my rock 'n roll too.

Don't forget to shower when you get to work on Tuesday! Although I reckon you could rock the sweating look quite well!

Have a wonderful Sunday. :-)

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to danzargo

NOR HAVE I, the post was more about not going out and getting totally pi$$ed as a party animal...I just enjoy staying in, my running and drinking too much red wine AT HOME!!! I feel I have misled everyone...bad panther...but do you get the gist now....?? I am so impressed with everyones abstinence...

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danzargoGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

I gave up going out and getting trolleyed YEARS ago anyway. But yes, I get the gist of your words. Also I LOVE the way you've used the dollar sign as a quasi "S". Neat typography there.....

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I used to live in Bristol and went to the balloon show last year with my ex landlady. Amazing evening. I miss Bristol :-(

You are amazing. I struggle to think ahead one day, let alone for a run to work. Best of luck & let us know how it goes.

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