Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 3 Done ! Wo Hooooooo!!

Well, the moment I have been looking forward to all week arrived and I left my house set for the "Greenway" a converted railway line now used by many locally for dog walks etc. oh and of course running.

Things were going smoothly and Laura told me I was half way there at 12.5 minutes, then right headphone popped out of my ear in several pieces some of which had completely disappeared. This was closely followed by me accidentally and inadvertantly hitting a button on my phone with my bum cheek which managed to start the podcast again !!! STRESSED !! OMG what to do??

In a split second I decided not to stop as I had been looking foward to the 25 minute run and would not feel I had completed it should I regardless I carried on with one earpiece and Laura telling me to walk for 5 minutes before I run 25 from my newly started podcast....Deep breaths and calming down, I thought, because I just turned around (half way), all I had to do is run to the place I started from and I would have done it.

I did this and didn't stop so I guess I did the full 25 mimutes and was rewarded after I fastforwarded to the end of the podcast by Laura telling me I was an official runner. This filled me with a great sense of JOY not experienced since I was a child and after not running before am now... well a runner.

Looking forward to week 7 with my new fathers day headphones hopefully !!

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Well done to finish such determination.

Hope you get the new headphones.


last year when I first did the C25K the podcast disappeared when I did W5R3 - and then this year when I redid the C25K I was running with GPS and the satelite failed to connect on...... W5R3.

Don;t you just hate/love technology!!


Ha ! lol ! :)


Spooky, some would have given up at W5R3 !!


Well done you!

Sorry but I laughed a bit at the bum cheek bit!

As well as earphones, maybe you should get an armband for your phone! :)


An armband? Didn't even know these existed !!

I'm treating myself to some running shorts and tech tops now I've done that. Been in T shirt and Swim shorts so far !! Not ideal !!


Well done its a great feeling, you have come far. I have to say you made me chuckle with your story, but you have to admire your grit and determination :P


Well done you! The phone incident could have been worse, my daughter pressed 999 with her bottom, while sitting on the sofa. We had some explaining to do ;o Good luck and keep us posted :)


Good going, Andy! And didn't that just feel wonderful to have someone recognize your work and congratulate you on that achievement! Well done, you....


Thank you, all of you for your comments, it's so nice to have like minded people recognise what you are feeling and doing.

When I started running I didn't realise what a community spirit existed and I think it's truly wonderful. It kind of restores your faith in human kind !!

Rest day today, back at it tomorrow with wk 7. Can't wait.


Well done.

I somehow managed to pause my podcast during W5R3 :0

I'd checked how long I had left to run (1.25) grinned, continued, speeding up for the last minute, only I didn't hear Laura tell me I'd finished. I thought, wow this is a really long minute, checking my iPod, the thing was paused! I assumed I'd ran for the 1.25mins remaining and began the cool-down walk, but I was devastated because I don't know what she said after I'd ran my first 20 mins.

I wonder if W5R3 is a test on whether we give up due to technology glitches :)

No siree, not us C25K stars!!!


W5R3 onwards I meant. :) My brain is faster than my fingers. lol


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