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Up-date: After Graduation :(


I've lost my mojo ?

After 9 weeks of getting up early 3 times a week in all the nasty climates our great British weather could throw at me, I cannot get myself out of bed since I have graduated!!!

I'm now fretting that the longer I abstain from my early morning runs, the harder it will be to get motivated again, and that I will lose my fitness level ....... My brain so wants to do this, but my body is screaming NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

After running in 4 layers of normal clothing, I thought I'll treated myself, that would help me move in the mornings, so on Saturday I went out and purchased some new running clothes, lighter tops and a much lighter rain jacket, as I thought this would be a good incentive to shift my butt out of my warm cosy bed and run ...... but oh no, and again this morning it was a no go zone!!!!

I think to-night I will get myself a pair of proper running trainers, maybe this will help..... As there is no way I'm going to spend all this money and not use my lovely new items.

I even spent Sunday evening creating a new play list to help me with picking up a bit of speed and hopefully increase the feeble distance I can (or could) cover!!!

My body feels so worn out, no energy.... my get up and go has got up and gone!!! ?

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Hi gmab51! It's years since I heard that phrase my get up and go has got up and went (as my Gran used to say it) I'm 66 and right now I would love to go back for a sleep (but it's only 10.30 a.m.!) Have you got a mobile phone with a ghastly jangling alarm tone? Try using that and leave it on the landing. If it's anything like mine you will find it such an unbearable racket and that you will have to get up! Once you are up you may as well stay up and get off outside for your run. I do sympathise because I too find it hard to get up! Promise one of the bloggers that you will get up - that worked for me! Couldn't let them down could I?

As long as you are physically well you are just going to have to give yourself a good old talking to. If the tiredness persists though maybe you should get yourself checked out by the GP.

Just noticed you are also dieting. You are getting enough nourishment I hope. Have you looked at Low GI foods? They do help to keep your energy levels up. Good luck on getting Mojo back!

gmab51Graduate in reply to Beek

Thank you Beek

I do use my miserable tinny sounding mobile alarm, to no avail ….. Good idea putting it in the hallway, but I don’t think my 3 adult sons would appreciate it, as I set it for 5:30 as I have to work …. But then again maybe it would encourage them to leave home ;) lol

I’ve decided to have a word with a friend who is into all this health and diet stuff, because maybe I am lacking in something, and I will most certainly look into these low GI foods that you mentioned.

I think even if I promised another blogger, at present I would just let them done, I need a carrot on the end of a stick!!!! Or chocolate cake maybe!!! …. he he he …… Janet X

BeekGraduate in reply to gmab51

Hi gmab51! You do have a lot on what with zumba and walking the dog and 3 adult sons to look after. And you would surely miss those adult sons if they left home!

I think you should get checked out and make sure your are well nourished! And we are doing this for fun! Be kind to yourself. You'll be fine. Linda


Awwwww hunn I feel for you so much! I've just this mo returned from what I hoped would be a 5k outing - fully accepting that after about 35 or 40 minutes I'd settle for walking the last bit. To my very great shame and with totally dashed hopes, I didn't even make the first circuit of 2.5 kms. I am shattered and devastated too! I graduated only a few weeks ago (like you having done all those grotty winter weathers) feeling ready to fly towards my retirement and running into a healthier and slimmer era. What the heck has happened?

Last weekend I had a short holiday and on one of the days hubby and I walked for over 8 hours on ancient stone pavements and I was both pooped and felt very sore in the hip joints. Now I've been home for a week and have tried 3 runs to try and regain my c25k mojo. First two were only just ok - managed 20 min+ runs. Today it has completely deserted me. I am tired and have zippo in the way of energy and (right now) no will to go on.

Now I've got to go and look after my even more elderly mother - a two hour drive away. Please can I piggyback on your responses to see if anyone else out there has had a similar thing happen a few weeks after graduating?

Good luck, Linda x

gmab51Graduate in reply to LMS2110

Oh Linda, I am so flattered that you want tag onto this post, you always give such sound advice in your replies to bloggers questions and upsets.

I’m not happy that you are feeling the same way as me though. At least you got yourself out there; I can’t even seem to do that ….. Maybe it is this weather; we need sun and lots of it!!!!

Let’s hope someone has some sound advice to sort us mojo lacking females out ;)

Janet x


Hi Gmab51 and LMS2110 - how tiresome for both of you. I haven't yet graduated so can't say for sure, but suspect that the psychological effect of the programme is as, or even more important than the physical. If I may, ahem, digress a moment - one of the reasons why jigsaw puzzles are so popular is that they provide a sequence of small rewards

( finding the pieces and fitting them in) which become exponentially more effective as the picture starts to develop. In other words, the better it gets, the more you want to go on. I think that in C25K there is a point ( probably W5R3) when the picture has developed, metaphorically, to the extent that the goal is in sight and you press on. This spurs you through the rubbish runs as you only have X number of runs before you graduate. The closer to graduation you get, the more you become fixed on achieving it.

After graduation, there is probably a honeymoon period when you feel buoyed up by the achievement and that sustains you for a bit, but after a while, looking at the big picture doesn't thrill you in the same way -and, unlike a jigsaw puzzle, you can't start from scratch with a new one. I guess that is why some people go on to 10K, 5 x 50, half marathons etc. But, if that's not for you, finding a new goal is important as the programme itself is predicated on incremental goals. Plus, in Gmab's case, you have three adult sons, a dog, zumba and a diet - I feel knackered and couch-inclined just reading it, let alone living it, and in Linda's case, a well-deserved but tiring break from the exhausting business of caring for an elderly parent who lives a long way away ( I speak from experience here - both professional and personal).

Lastly, if you read some of the posts from new C25K-ers, there is almost a quality of superstitiousness about adherence to the programme. I certainly felt this in the early days - that if I didn't do it according to the plan, somehow it wouldn't work. I wonder if you are both worrying that it you don't run for a week or two it'll all go away and you'll be glued to the couch again? Why not set off telling yourselves that you will not, under any circumstances, run for more than 10 minutes - no matter how well it be going, or even how badly. After 10 minutes, come home and do something else. If it does well, do 12 mins next time, if badly, go back to 8. Remember, in the programme you went from running 8 mins to 30 mins in 4 weeks so it's not a disaster if you backtrack again. And lastly, remember the advice that all graduates give to us novices and newbies - go slowly, pace yourself, keep at it. I'm sure that both of you will get back into it- there are no running police saying you have to go out early in the morning or for at least 30 minutes at a time.Good luck, both of you, and let us know how you get on.

gmab51Graduate in reply to mmphc

I was totally engrossed with your annalistic reply to our problem, what have you studied in, or what area do you specialise in I wonder ..... l feel like I've been sat in a councillors chair ..... lol

Thank you very much for the input, and I've taken it all on board ..... Janet

LMS2110Graduate in reply to mmphc

Thanks mmphc :) my first degree was a psychology major, the second was education/teaching so your jigsaw analogy sounds vaguely familiar. (I always liked "you cant eat an elephant all in one go, but given a butchers knife ....." etc - all about seemingly impossible targets, incentives and rewards :D ) Honestly, not knocking it, just wanted to I say thought this one through with every possible permutation and still felt stink. I suspect that this morning both Janet and I needed a big hug! I just think that family, work, pressures, illness/asthma, age/looming retirement etc etc have all just collided simultaneously and my body has yelled out at me to give it a rest. I'm tired. Thank you so much for your kindness and advice. I'll bounce back, Tigger-like, soon enough. All the best with your own C25K challenge. Linda x

gmab51Graduate in reply to LMS2110

Linda I think your right about the hug so here's one just for you ((((( hugs ))))) ..... I could not even muster up the energy to go to Zumba last night. I checked my nutrition with a friend and every thing is order. It's time I gave myself a good talking to I think!!!! Thanks Janet

LMS2110Graduate in reply to gmab51

Awwww ta muchly - and here's a (((((hug))))) for the start of your day too. Hope it's cheerier for you - I'm sure the oomph will return for us both soon. Take care x


Here's a thought...

You say that you are planning to buy running shoes as an incentive. And also that you need a carrot on a stick.

Sooooooo..... how about turning the shoes into a carrot? (Nice trick if you can manage it!)

Instead of buying them tonight, promise yourself that you'll buy them once you've completed x number of runs (choose whatever number you feel is appropriate).

No runs... no shoes!

gmab51Graduate in reply to TryingSoHard

After a full day at work, I just wanted to get home :( ...... So I've taken your advise and told myself, that I will only purchase these trainers if I can get out of bed for 2 runs before Saturday morning comes round ...... here's hoping!!! ..... Thank you Janet


Ooh, I like that idea. I graduated in November, and generally quite enjoy running. Ish. But even now I go through spells of not wanting to go out. Admittedly I don't normally go first thing, so don't have to drag myself out of my comfy bed - but usually find myself putting my shoes while still thinking 'I don't want to do this!'

If getting up is just proving too difficult at the moment, could you manage a run at a different time? Sometimes just changing the routine can help...

gmab51Graduate in reply to RainbowC

I work full time, and the thought of going running after work does not appeal to me at all. I think more earlier nights, more sleep, check out my diet and then hopefully things will improve..... Thank you Janet

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to gmab51

No matter how hard I try, I can't force myself to get up earlier in the morning so I can run before work.

So, another trick I use, is to take my kit to work with me, and get changed there, so that my run becomes an extension of my working day, rather than an interruption to the precious 'me time' in the evening.

gmab51Graduate in reply to TryingSoHard

I tried that when I first started on this journey, and I ended up being hounded by dogs (get the pun ;-) ) .... I have to run on grass due to fluid on the knee, pavement causes discomfort ....... Thank you for the inpu ...... Janet


Sign up for a race? That tends to get me going, whereas if I don't feel like I have to train for something in particular, the couch does frequently win - and the longer it wins for, the harder it gets to go back out there! I ended up not running for 3.5 months, and it was only signing up for Race for Life that got me going again.


Ummm it's a thought ..... I have a few friends taking part so I would not be alone if I did!!! Thanks Janet


Have you tried the c25k+ podcasts? They helped me to get going again after a bout of post-grad ennui! They're an extension of c25k designed to build up speed and stamina. There're 3 different podcasts and you can alternate them through the week. They might provide the interest and challenge to get you interested again. Good luck. :)

gmab51Graduate in reply to oona

I've downloaded them, and I will give them ago ...... are they are all ready for when my body agrees with my brain to get myself back out there ;) ..... I've got week off work, so hoping with less everyday work pressures I can start running again and get motivated. Thank you Janet


Why not give yourself a wee break and just head out with no expectations of running at all - think of it as a walk with a bit of running if you fancy it. That's what I do when I'm feeling a bit scunnered and usually end up running most of it. :)

gmab51Graduate in reply to oona

That is a lovely idea .... And one I'm going to run (or walk ;-) ) with.

Thank you

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