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How do you make yourself get up for early morning runs?

So this morning I was set to start Week 5 but my alarm went off at 5.30 and I was having none of it! I felt so tired I just couldn't force myself out of bed. Usually I can do it if I'm not feeling so exhausted but I think all this exercise is catching up on me.

So how do you early morning runners make yourself get out of bed even when you're feeling tired/unmotivated?

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my answer is my better half gives me the look that would melt steel and im up and off.

it dosent alwyas work especially if its raining, as i then use plan be and comit to running after work that evening.

brighter mornings help tho as my route is roural and the birds are singing although not loud enough to hear with podcast lol

try to rember how good you deel after your run and the feeling of achievment completeimng it gives you plus a nice long shower to recover too!


I get up at 5:40. I have to be out and back before my 3 year old wakes up.

2 reasons for that ~Mrs Bean has been feeding the little un through the night so needs rest, and doesn't appreciate a 3 year old boy who can't lie still in bed with her when she's had a disturbed night. So like Andrew, I get the look, and I have to go.

I find that time of the day the best to think and clear my mind for the rest of the day. It avoids the cars, as I'm running along country roads, and it avoids the people. It also is a very special time where it is just you and the world.

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Also I'd feel bad about stealing daylight. We have so little of it, it's a shame to waste it.

There is another factor my cousin, is marathon training an so starts his run at 4:30 am. So there really is no excuse.


Haha unfortunately there's no chance of my partner giving me "the look" as he is usually still asleep even when my alarm goes off and couldn't care less if I go out running or not!

If you have 2 young kids and still manage to get up then I really have no excuse!

Andrew - I think the brighter mornings really help as I do get down in the dumps when it's dark when I wake up (i.e most mornings in north scotland).

I do feel really smug after my morning runs so I should remind myself of how good it feels.


Sorry to say find it quite easy as am a real morning person. I have also found the like the feeling it gives me for the rest of the day...feel engerised even when knackered.

The other incentive is I relly don't want to have to force myself out after work...I know I'd find every excuse not to go so wouldn't have achieved as much.

It's all about finding the time of day that suits you best. All my colleagues / friends / family think i'm completly mad to be out there by 5.30am!


I tried to get up a few times but I had to accept that I am not a morning person and it wasn't gonna happen!

To run before work I would need to be up at 5am and even thinking about it makes me tired!

I run either after work or I work at home and go mid-morning


I have been desperately trying to be a "morning person" all my life but I never really enjoy it! I can force myself to get up sometimes if I'm in the right mood.

I would run during my lunch break but I only get 30mins and no access to a shower.

I'll be attempting to get up on Thurs morning for run 2 so will see how I get on. Thanks for the replies :)


I know how I feel after a run (knackered but good/ uplifted) and I also know that my days and weeks are so jam packed there isn't any other time! I also know that I will sleep well at the end of the day if I do my run!

Plus it's only 30/35mins and so the quickness of it also motivates me!

Good luck!


I got a coffee pot from Aldi with a timer - it even automatically grinds the beans. I set it for 0630 on run days and have the bedside alarm at the same time. The smell of fresh coffee in the house in the morning really helps me out of bed. If I brew it really strongly I won't stop moving until afternoon.


I can't believe how early you all get up! So...I force myself out of bed at about 8 because my running clothes are just there are easy to put on - I am straight up and out the door in ten mins with a quick teeth brush and glass of water. I also don't shower after my run because my hair is too long to shower in the morning - takes too long to dry. Might need to change tactic when the weather gets the warmer!


Well guys I did it, up at 5.30 this morning and out the door by 5.45! It felt a lot easier this time as I'd had a good nights sleep and had all my running gear at the side of the bed ready to put on.

It was still dark pretty much for the whole run until the warm down when the sun came up, it was lovely :)


Hi Rose,

I've run in the morning, during the day and in the evening after work. I am not the best morning person, but I used to run regularly then at around 5.45am ...however my OH started the C25K a few weeks ago and he is definitely NOT a morning person and starts so early we'd have to be up before we went to bed if you know what I mean, to get the run in. OH has has to stop his training for a week or two thanks to a dodgy knee but I'm still going out evenings.

I've got used to running in the evenings, before tea/dinner. It works quite well as I get home, straight into running gear, and out, OH sorts out tea if we are going out after; if not I shower and prepare a late meal we can enjoy together...and usually after a run I am well ready to eat!

My Sunday run I can do anytime.



I hate mornings! But it is so rare for me to get child-free time that I would rather get up in the morning and go for my run and get it out of the way, than go in the evening when I am tired. Everyone is different and you have to find the time that suits you best. I don't like having it hanging over me all day, so would rather just get on with it. I also prefer the fact that there are less people around to see me staggering and sweating all over the place! You just need to find the right time for you, and then stick to your plans however you are feeling.


I am lost in admiration of those of you who get up and run so early! I

I did up to week 8 run 1 late in the evening on the gym treadmill. Now I am a convert to outdoor running, I now wangle leaving work as early as possible to get home and run with the dog before dark.

I love the idea of getting the run done first thing so am working on getting up and out a bit earlier on Sundays/Mondays when I am off work ,but the earliest I have managed, today, is 8 am! I get up ok - I am up 6 anyway but cant seem to get my act together to go out running without a cuppa and a bite to eat! On work days I leave the house 7.20 and cant even think about getting up any earlier to fit in a run but maybe lighter mornings will help


I'm definitely an evening runner except on Saturdays (not very early though)when it's great to be out in daylight! Like others here, I'm already up very early on a workday anyway and I couldn't bear to get up any sooner. But I find I'm looking forward to my run all day and can't wait to rush home after work, rip all my clothes off and.......well, you know the rest! ;-)


i was thinking of doing this but i get up at 545 anyway as i start work at 730 so wouldnt wanna get up any earlier so its gonna be evenings for me


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