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When exercising becomes a burden

I've been nursing a cold since the weekend, so please bear with me. Yes please, I'd like some cheese with this whine.

It's one of those low grade colds, nothing at all like a full-on man flu. My nose is not constantly running, I'm not coughing my lungs out. But I'm lethargic, running a small fewer, constantly tired, muscles aching, eyes hurting and a constant headache. If it was full-on, there would be no doubt but to "listen to the body", call in sick and go to bed. As it is, I can function normally (just about).

Took Sunday off as a rest day. Spent all day Monday arguing with myself, but in the end didn't get out there. Tuesday I gave myself a stern talking to and went for a small cycle ride in the lunch break and attended a pre-booked swimming lesson in the evening.

Yay, I had proven to myself that my will was stronger than my body! So I set the alarm clock for early o'clock on Wednesday morning so I could get up for a morning swim. Woke up when the alarm went off and re-set it to 20 minutes to work-start (I work mostly from home). Argued with myself throughout the day about going out for a quick run, but just could not drag myself out.

Wednesday evening set the alarm clock for early Thursday morning, but again today I quickly decided to ignore it and have a lie-in again. And I'm now back at the arguing with myself. Shall I? Shall I not? I can flex my hours to some extent, so I could go have a swim in the lunch break, and then to try to get back on schedule for meeting my Jantastic ambitions I could go for a run afterwards. Heck, I could even do a mini triathlon, swim at the pool, drive home and take the bike out for half an hour, and then end with a wee run. It would get the heart rate up, for sure, and maybe I could sweat out some germs. But even the effort of moving my fingers to type the suggestion up makes me tired.

So. This week is one of those times when exercise is becoming a burden. Not just the physical burden of actually doing it, no, far more effort is being spent (or so it feels) on the mental debates with myself. It's only 10 months since I started c25k, so while I often profess a deep and undying love of running, the reality is that I'm doing it for the effects, not out of a love of running, or exercising, in general.

Or maybe I will go have a nap in the lunchbreak instead. Now THERE's a thought!

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Put your shoes on and go for a walk at lunchtime especially if it is sunny! It may turn into a run/walk. Hope you get rid of the cold soon they can be debilitating


Oh Tomas, I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself for a start, and maybe rest up until you're feeling better if that's what your body is telling you!

You probably *could* manage a small run if you're not feeling too bad but it probably wouldn't be pleasant.

Duvet, tissues, and heating is what you need right now! Get better soon x


Hey Spiky, spot on!! You wrote everything I was going to write.


Tomas, listen to your body! You're not well, a few more days rest won't hurt you, unlike pushing yourself too far. Perhaps a gentle walk that could turn into a quick trot if you're up to it? Play your joker for Jantastic and get back in the game next week.

Perhaps there is something in the air as I have just posted a good old whine of a post as well about lack of motivation and I don't even have illness as an excuse :)

Get well soon.


Agree with the others. Jantastic has jokers for a reason - use one. Maybe try a nap, followed by a gentle stroll later if the weather is OK where you are.


Agree... and after all is winter - hibernating can be nice!


Ah be kind to yourself. You know you love the running really - you're just under the weather at the mo. I'm sure you'll bounce back!


Of course I do (love running). That's what I keep telling myself, and most of the time it even works ;-)


This mental tennis is more exhausting than actually running! Give it up Tomas cos it's a dead loss. You'll get back out there before long cos you'll feel like it and you'll be compelled to get those shoes on and go for it.

I run, same as lots of others, for the health beneftis and keeping my weight stable, but for the sheer elation I get from nailing a run. This runner's high is fine by me. I never want to not get that, so I keep doing it.

What's the alternative? Pipe and slippers?

(retreats backwards towards the door) ...


Tea, rest, (dare I say it?) cake and general TLC and you'll be back out there in no time :)


Thank you for all your kind words and good advice. As it happened, went for a short swim and then a half hour on the treadmill at the gym - thus avoiding the risk of getting cold and worse outdoors whilst silencing the shall-I debate in my head. Didn't read the good suggestions until I came home, but I very much like the idea of just a nice walk outdoors. So for now it'll be work and then I'll take the TLC-advice for a relaxing evening in front of the telly :)

Thank you again. You guys are amazing!


What are you like! :D Hehe. Hope you feel a bit better for it?

And now you fully deserve to relax!! :)


I do feel better for it. Feeling virtuous without having gotten cold and miserable. Bought ingredients for a colourful and easy salmon and rice salad for tea tonight, so as soon as I finish work it'll be 20 minutes in the kitchen and then nothing but relaxation for the rest of the day. Bliss :) :)


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