W5R2 - A sorry sight

I like running first thing in the morning, DoggyMum described it well in her blog, it's like you have the world to yourself and for me if I catch my body before the mind is awake it doesn't hurt as much.

So why, might you ask, didn't I get up this morning ? I don't know, it felt good in bed ?

I ran early this afternoon and whilst I got through both of the runs it hurt big time. An old lady (even older than me) asked if I'd twisted something as I limped home through the shin pain. No, just the running pain I replied.

Sunday morning is going to be interesting (20 minute run), I must force myself to get up and out before my brain wakes up and remembers what pain is.


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14 Replies

  • I agree, much prefer running first thing in the morning. I also today had to go out later, and think I had too much time to think about what I was doing. However, with the darker, colder mornings, I'm with you all the way staying in bed!

  • I was getting up at 5.30am but since the longer runs i've found evening seems to be better for me but i miss having no-one around and clear star full skies and no dog walkers,which although they are all lovely they do put me off my stride as i'm never sure if the dog's going to jump up, trip me over or have a go at me...

  • Its not good that you have shin pain Chewy - how long have you had it? You may need to have a bit of extra rest. Do you have well cushioned shoes to absorb some of the impact? Or an extra pair of insoles? Don't push yourself on if you have pain, you could end up making things worse and being sidelined.

    Best of luck for your next run, but please listen to your body, it will thank you for it in the long run :)

  • Well done Chewy but agree with doggymum to watch those shins. You don't want shinsplints as they take a while to heal and are very painful. Hope it was just some cramp and that your legs recover tomorrow. Don't worry about R3. Stay positive and you'll do it!

  • Chewy, I just completed W5R2 last night and practically limped home myself, so you're not alone. I stepped off a curb and ended up falling down after twisting my ankle. That was about 2/3 of the way through my first 8 minute run. I completed the second 8 minute run, but my ankle was/is sore. I think you'd do well to take an extra day of rest. Plus, you might consider getting a new pair of shoes. I had really bad shin pain when I started C25k, but have not had that type of pain since I bought a good pair of running shoes with excellent cushioning and support. Good luck moving on to W5R3, I'm right there with you.

  • I admire you for getting up early and going. I prefer the bed over any form of exercise! Congrats on getting ready for run 3, just go slow and KNOW you can do it! I hope the knee pain goes away once you have a day or two to recover. Well done Chewy, waiting for the 20 minute run update!! :-)

  • I'm also a morning person though body complains like a looney about getting up too early. I've tried a couple if afternoon/evening runs and they always feel so much harder. Like others have said watch those shins or you might be running for a while whatever time of day.

  • There should a not in there sorry.

  • Thanks guys loving the support.

    I genuinely think it was lactic acid rather than problems with my shoes and such. I got some decent shoes a while back because I was suffering badly with shin splints but since then I haven't suffered much before today's run.

    I'll be sensible and may take an extra day's rest before the big 20 minutes, that's good advice, I'll see how I feel.

  • Well done for getting through the W5R2. You do need to watch out for any chance of injury: not good. You might do well to give an extra day's rest to get over it. I am going for the W5R3 first thing tomorrow. I'd like to run in the morning but the time just isn't there so I have been doing evenings after work. It makes it harder in lots of ways, not least the getting back in time to do some running in daylight. Saturday or Sunday morning is great, especially with the decent-ish weather we have had. Good luck.

  • Hi Chewy, I'm also prefer being out early, did W5 R1 on a lovely, chilly, bright morning today.. All went well but I am worried about runs two & definitely three as these will be after work and I do struggle in the evening.. Good luck for R3 Jx

  • Hi Chewy, Sorry to hear about your shin problem. I was going to write about lactic acid, but you got in before me, lol!! Gotta face week 5 on Monday morning-with all the doggy walkers watching. Must say they are a very supportive lot, but I do worry that the dogs will jump up at me, as happened on Friday with a Husky (I', 4'8.5, so nearly the length of my dolly body). Well done everybody for completing week 5-if you can do it then so can I.

  • Hi Chewy, there are loads of good articles on this site, here's the shin splint one in case you haven't seen it:


    The heel strike one is good too, it helped me get over my sore shins at the beginning of the programme:


    An extra rest day sounds like a good idea. Good luck with R3 when you decide to do it, once you're out there it's no biggie, just take it nice and slowly and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks for all the feed back guys, it's really appreciated.

    The shins calmed down after Friday's run and by this morning (Sunday) I felt well enough to head out on the 20 minutes run. The longer run didn't hurt anywhere near as much as R2, how does that work ? I can only assume that whatever was troubling me on Friday was outside of me rather than something I'd done.

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