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Week 7 done

Having struggled with the third run of week 6 I find I have somehow managed to complete week 7, three runs of 25 minutes each. The first two weren't too bad and on the third I really felt like I was "running" rather than "shuffling" along. However at the end my legs felt really tired during the cool down walk. Also I am using Runkeeper at the same time as the C25K podcast and can't seem to get any quicker than just over 9 minutes per km not very quick I know but I'm afraid that if I go too fast I will struggle for breath as I did the first time I attempted W6R3. That being said I never thought I could get this far and now I find that I'm thinking maybe I can break that 9 minute barrier in week 8.

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Well done! Week 7 in the bag!

Really, really, really (really!) don't worry about running faster. If you are struggling for breath at this stage then you are going too fast.

Once you can run confidently for 30-mins, or 40, or something like that, and your legs have become accustomed to running then start throwing in some speed intervals into your training. At the moment, however, it's all about building up that endurance.

That you are feeling like you are running now means that you are getting a bit more strength and better technique. Don't put that at risk by trying to push the speed too early. W8 is a bit further and W9 further still. Try to accept that you are still progressing in endurance even if you are maintaining the same pace. Running is for the long-haul, both for an individual run and also as a lifestyle. You have the rest of your life to develop your running! Why hurry & risk injury!

Great work completing W7 - try to stick to your pace for weeks 8 & 9 and you'll be doing that half-hour before you know it. Then, once that's settled in and comfortable, think about developing the speed side.

Good luck - and happy running!



Great answer. Couldn't put it better!

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Terrific reply. Thanks so much for the advice. I will definitely take it on board.


Well done. Very encouraging. I just completed Week seven, run one.


Well done you too. Keep going!

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