Week 7 done

Everything's been a struggle since wk5, r3 but still going. Obviously I'm so close now so determined to finish. Week 6, r3 started having my own music. So, first 25 min run I finished at x gateway; thought it would be interesting to see how far I progressed during week 7. First run of wk 7 I finished x minus about 30 feet! Wasn't going to have that, so carried on to 20 feet past my first run. Run 2, I finished even slower, so about x minus 50 feet - wasn't going to have that either so pushed on further again. Today, when I could easily have given in after about 8 minutes, and felt like dying after 24 mins, I ran on again - I had to afterall (!) so at least I'm geared up for wk 8 now. In total I ran 25 mins, 26, 26 and 27 so should be able to manage 28 next week, although annoyingly that last minute will be uphill and I just can't get out of that - afterall, you can't run downhill all the way can you. Good luck to all you fellow week 7 and 8ers. Two days off now, thank goodness. Pouring with rain too this morning, so extra brownie points.

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  • You can do it. When u run up the hill zigzag up it slightly you will find it no so steep. Believe me it works for mountain and road biking J

  • Oh right, thanks - I'll try that. I almost feel like I'm going backwards sometimes.

  • I used to find that whilst cycling but you will be amazed the gradients you can go up. The zigzag takes the angle out abit. Like I said works for cycling can't see why it won't work for running to :)

  • Well done Buffy. I try to only look a few feet ahead when going uphill so it's a nice surprise when I get to the top ;-)

  • Thanks. When I say hill, we are talking Norfolk - but even so, anything that's not flat is a hill to me. Fingers, toes, and feet crossed for next week.

  • good luck with w8.

  • Good for your bum, hills are!

  • Better try Everest then!

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