Couch to 5K

Week 7 done

Well what a way to finish off week 7 with a run in the sun. There is just something about it when the weather is not too cold and not too hot, you can just keep everything at the right temperature and you know it doesn't feel too bad.

A few twinges but hopefully nothing too serious and I can't believe that I can now run for 25+ minutes. I've never run before in my life and now I'm really starting to see the changes.

just hope that one day I will hit the magic 5km because right now that is the part which seems so hard.

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Sounds like you are doing really well, you're nearly there. Just keep running the time, speed will come later and the distance will increase. x


Thanks, am sure it will do as I can't believe sometimes that I have made it past 20 mins & if that is possible then am sure the rest is too.

And for me it is never going to be about speed, am too old and heavy for that, just the feeling you get when you've done it enough of a reward.


Perfect.... Sounds like you are really finding your vibe?? Oh and of course you will.. I'm sure you will reach the magic 10 too... And the rest!!


And thanks again, yes really does feel like I have found a vibe from somewhere, yesterday I KNOW I could have run for a bit longer.

And I know with inspiration from people like you on here I will get there just doing a bit more each time.

oh and nice shades too, must be sunny where you are.


Well done. Only 6 runs to graduation now. Best wishes.


Thank you, and yes just 6 and I earn my stripes. And then what - well first would be to get to 5k , then a name change if I get any further.


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