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5K actually done

Taken me around 4-5 weeks since graduation, a sore calf which I'm having physio on..but this morning I actually did 5k...!!!! Didn't want to get out of bed, calf killing me, face like a smacked ar** etc etc. During the 5 minute warm up , some bloke told me to cycle for weight loss and fitness, as running isn't good for joints....well thanks for that!!! 7 degrees and windy...ok lets start...Got to ten mins and thought , that's it...sore, cold, fed up...lets just get to my tree....ok, lets just complete first lap and have a quick drink....that feels better...I can do the second quick glug...3o minutes...lets get to end of Laura's warm down (still jogging). and swap to little ipod....dropped ipod dammit!!! OK, I'm going to do this thing..plod plod plod...can I? Can I ?CAN I??? Well, yes indeedy I can....5k in 46 minutes...done and dusted...happy happy happy. Onwards and upwards, will be a park run next if I can ever get up off this chair....Laters!! O and Luv ya !!!! mwaaaa

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Terrific, fantastic, amazing! Well done you! Only thing to do differently next time is avoid 'helpful-(NOT)-info-bloke'. Blooming cheek! Want to punch his lights out for daring to comment to you! Grrrrrr! Onwards and upwards, YAY! :D Linda x


Thanks Linda...I know...trying to be helpful, but if he passes me on his bike, I may wobble his saddle for him ;)


Bet he's just jealous! :)

Congratulations on your 5k - funny how we can edge ourselves closer and closer by bargaining for just a little bit more... :)


fantastic, well done...onwards and upwards eh :)


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