First post - week 3 run 1 done

Hi folks. Been lurking on here and getting inspiration from you. Fat lad, ex smoker, bipolar, diabetic, high blood pressure...... had to bite the bullet and do something or could see me not seeing many more years.

Anyway - bought the trainers and anti-chaff shorts, iPod for the podcasts (that baffled me!) and hung back waiting for local group to join. So after a few months of not finding a local group (it was a good excuse to delay getting stuck in) I've started by using the treadmill in the local gym. I imagined it would be full of vain people unable to pass a mirror and I would stick out like a sore thumb but hey ho, I'm an ex squaddie and I've seen and done more than most, so not going to let a handful of self love fanatics deter me - it gave me the extra incentive to get stuck in and upset the beautiful people πŸ˜‰.

I have had to run in the past, basic training, weekly PT etc, but never been a "good" runner, I'm built for carrying not running, but i was always one of the slowest and not something I would do by choice. Looking back though, it was the one exercise that was quick, effective, and only taking an hour to warm up, run, shower and get back home it gave me no excuses in terms of finding the time.

Up to now it's been a pleasant challenge. Each week I view the coming week with trepidation thinking I won't be able to run 90 seconds, or 3 minutes etc. Next week is 5 minutes and there's anxiety, but touch wood this week has been manageable so I just need to trust the programme and crack on. I'm not very quick 4kmph walking and was 6kmph running (but have now dropped that to 5.5kph to ensure I can do the time and not defeat myself - any failure would become a huge setback in my head and would give me the excuse to jack).

No breathing issues, pulse rate is lowering as I progress, calf aches and some very minor knee twinges but maybe I'm just looking for excuses to take it steady! πŸ˜‰ Fingers crossed I haven't given up yet and enjoy the challenge.... whether 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes continual running is too close on the horizon I don't know, but will keep at it and try and not let it beat me, maybe repeat this week to build up my confidence as much as the physical ability. It's all in the mind eh?!

This place is amazing, such a communal / team spirit with some great advice. I get comfort from knowing we are all on the same journey and that we support each other when the going gets tough and confidence wanes. Thank you all, it would be much harder without this group.


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  • Welcome aboard like you I am ex-forces (RAF) and graduated at the beginning of August all I will say and you will hear it loads of times take it slow and if struggling slower still relax and enjoy. Let us know how you get on with your progress as we all support each other here.

  • Hello, Great to hear about your progress, this is such an encouraging group, glad to have you with us.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

  • Ah this is great ! Welcome aboard , its good to have you on here !

    Yes take it as slow and as steady as you can, this is not about speed or distance , its about building stamina to safely enable you to run for 30 minutes without crocking yourself in the process :-)

    Yes keep at it, the benefits are just immense ! Its very much a mental challenge as well as a physical one , and each weeks runs lay the foundations for the next one. This programme wont throw anything at you that youre not ready for .

    Youre doing great, keep going and please keep posting on here so that we can follow your progress and support you along the way :-) xxx

  • I do hope you will get off the treadmill at some point and join us runners out on the road. It's much more stimulating than the hamster-like confines of the running machine. Ever-changing scenery is lovely. I saw a bloke getting arrested the other day! LOL

    Whatever you do have FUN! Don't get hung up on times and paces. It's not necessary at all

  • Thanks, will do. For the moment the treadmill is my security blanket - for the moment if I need to stop at least I won't have to hobble home in the rain πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

  • In time... in time... and in time you will learn to embrace the rain... ! (Did Yoda say that...:))

  • True, true..nothing beats the great outdoors:)

  • Hi there,

    I've also been lurking on here for a few weeks, current smoker (hoping this will help me stop) and set to do Week 3 Run 1 tonight.

    I've been sitting reading through the post to try and motivate me to get out running (sort of) tonight and tip the balance against all of the negative excuses my mind is coming up with to keep me on the couch and yours has done it. Trainers going on and W3R1 happening - so thank you!

    What a great community.

  • No such thing as excuses.. just choices... I hope you are out there :)

  • Hi and welcome to the best thing... ever :) Slow, steady, take the advice offered.. and enjoy your journey!

    The fok here will support and encourage, cajole and persuade and even give you a small shove... gently!

    I am nearly at my one year runniversary.. and if this old thing can get there.. then I feel you can too! :)

  • Wonderfully uplifting Post. Thank you :)

  • Ditch the fags! Do it now! Giving up the gaspers and learning to run will be the best moves you ever make. You know it too!

    Do the right thing! 😊

  • Hi 24927396,

    Well done for starting, that's the hard bit done. As each week goes by you'll surprise yourself with how much you achieve. Keep going, slow and steady, and as misswobble suggests try running outside, it really adds extra enjoyment. Keep posting and let us know how you get on. 😁

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