5K? Pah

Sorry for the rambling that follows, it's more of a self reflection.

OK, so I'm pleased as punch and probably have a mare of a time next time out - pride before a fall and all that.

RAN the whole 5K at the 3rd attempt today and made the same time as the 2nd: 45 minutes and included a slight incline for a couple of minutes as well.

A bit more of the story for anyone that's interested: I "gave up" at 5 minutes but determined to make it to 10. At 10, the urge to give up was stronger so my mind had to hit it harder by saying "lets make it to 12". The gremlins forgot the the time and gave up for a while and I made it all the way to 25 minutes without a doubt. A slight wobble but if I can get this far, I'm sure the 30 is going to be achievable (and after all, that was the purpose of the C25K programme).

At 30 minutes I had a glance at distance and it was about 3.3km and I was feeling fine without a care in the world - an ideal time to up the pace a little and put the pressure on myself. After 35 minutes and still doing OK, up'd the pace a bit more and for once I looked more at distance than time. I counted down the km and at 4.5 I new I wasn't going to stop running, so much so that when the 5K was up and the treadmill went into auto cool down, I felt a little disappointed cos I could have gone on for longer (wishful thinking?)

Lessons learnt from this episode?

1 I enjoy challenging myself. Does this make my running not fun? Not sure but it's certainly one of the ways I get my pleasure.

2 Running still doesn't come "naturally" to me. The self doubt that allows the gremlins to come in is still around and that needs to be worked on.

3 Slow and steady is the way to go even post grad. I made better progress and pace by maintaining the tortoise chasing speed and increasing speed towards the end than by spells at "high" speed followed by slowing down, speeding up etc.

A long walk around Ickworth planned for tomorrow but I may try an outdoor run through some of the sections to try to emulate the pace of today before another treadmill session on Wednesday.


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6 Replies

  • Well done! Keep chipping away, you'll get there...

  • You have the hang of things, and are doing just fine:) Your way and that is the way to go!

    Slow and steady... ? I am still doing that...nearly a year on, and really enjoying every moment! :)

  • Some great points you make there! Well done for making that 5k again. You're clearly doing great as a C25k postgraduate. :)

  • Well done :) It isn't how fast we do it - it's that we do it at all! :) BTW - I think you have the most intriguing tag ever here, what on earth is AT10 ? :)

  • ATtempt 10k??????

  • YES!!! We will run it by ourselves but together! :)

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