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First 5k race done. What's next?!

Ran my first 'race' yesterday. Just me and 13,999 others... It was a race for life so I knew it was people just aiming to get around the 5k course in any way they can so I knew not everyone would be running. But I did, and I loved it. Wouldn't have felt justified in collecting sponsor money if I hadn't.

Didn't sample much of the pre-race atmosphere (apart from the nervous anticipation in the queue for the portaloos - will they be clean [no] will there be paper [no]) as we were later arriving than expected due to the hordes of people everywhere. Didn't really think of that beforehand! Lined up with 'runners' but I was by then in fourth wave, with dogs on leads, babies in buggies and all manner of pink paraphernalia around me.

So the the countdown and we were off! Wait a minute, why's no one running? Oh well, just me then? Off I go, wait, there's another, and someone else...oh, they've stopped, never mind, keep going, in and out, side to side, watch that dog's lead, oh, and that pink wand, 1k mark, hard to notice supporters or buildings as have to concentrate on not tripping or bumping into anyone, it's all so busy, 2k, then halfway, can do it now; already run this distance. Breathing ok, nothing's complaining, 3k, seeing the same runners, passing them, then they're passing me, 4k nearly there, into the park, then I hear 'mummy' and my children waving and smiling, speed up, final stretch, loads of support all around and then I'm through the line. 31 minutes, 10 seconds. And Tiger Woods is telling me I've run my fastest mile. Kind of him to arrange a personal message for my iPod!

I beat my previous fastest 5k time so really happy. I was on a high for the rest of the day, and still happy with the whole experience. I'm sure everyone, whether they walked, jogged, ran, or were dragged or pushed around were happy they did it. But I got back in the car and said 'I wish I had got under 30' and my husband said 'you've got the bug' and I really think I have. Thinking of working towards a 10k next!

To anyone thinking of running a 5k race or doing park run - just do it!

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Well done on completing race for life and what a good time . I am doing race for life in July and don't know what to expect! ,the race for life was what led me to this program as I did not want to just plod along . Am on week 3 and still wondering if I can do it .


Oh you can! You'll see x


You will. I said last night how amazing it is that your body copes with the increasing demands you put on it. I ran the race for life wanting to shout to others that if they did the c25k programme, they could run it all too. Of course, that's not the point for the majority but I'm sure a lot would want to but don't know where to start, run too fast early on and give up. It's so do-able. I felt great when I could runs for 3 mins without stopping, then 5 mins... Now 30 and longer, and. I can do it relatively easily. Keep going, keep following the programme! Week 3 this week, soon a graduate!


Oh that's a lovely post, well done you! A new PB too! Sounds like you had a great time and all those people! I think your husband is right you have definitely got the bug x


Thanks, I had a lovely day. My daughter had got me a pink flower while I was running and she, my son and husband were all so supportive and happy for me. And she is now badgering me to take her on the junior park run route which I love to hear!!


Brilliant. A great report. And congratulations on raising your sponsorship.

I read with personal interest as I have a Race for Life coming up in June. Never done one before. Never WANTED to do one before, so I have no idea what to expect. I'm sucking up other peoples knowledge like a sponge!

Your time was fab considering all the obstacles you describe. Was that just the time you recorded yourself? I'm assuming the organisers don't time you?

Best of luck if you do decide to go for a 10k next - that's my hope, but there's a few kilometres to get under my belt before I'd feel 100% comfortable with that!

:-) well done


My husband signed me up! I definitely didn't want to do it yesterday morning! I like running alone! But once I got there, I was fine. There's a clock at the end, but it was a staggered start - apparently some were still starting as I finished... The clock said I took 40 minutes but that was from 9.30 and I certainly didn't start then as I was in fourth 'start'. I timed myself from when I started - was running the last 10 metres with iPod in hand so I could press the stop button as soon as I was over the line! It was a great experience doing a race. Definitely do it but bear in mind most people are just there to get round the course.

I say 10k 'next' but it will be a few months if at all, but would love to do so!! Bit more running before then for me too! (Just noticed all my exclamation marks - think that reflects how much I got a buzz doing it!) good luck with yours...


fabulous...well done you, it sounds like a great run!!


Thanks, it was... Never felt I could be a runner. Other exercise I've tried hasn't given me the same thrill of achieving targets and seeing improvement so I think I'll stick with this. Every run is different. Have seen your posts, and others who run longer and longer distances, and think I won't get to that but I didn't think I could get to 5k a few months ago...


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