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week 6 run 2 - nailed it!

I have had a very grumpy week - to busy at work - home insane and husband away -so not been able to get out all week. So today complete sense of humour failure ranted at husband and was cross at work. But the silver lining is a meeting finished early - so I thought thats it I am going out for a run.

So glad I did it was tough - i was running against the wind and quite a hilly route- but did not allow myself to think about stopping. so I completed the two ten mins - and had enough left for a finishing spurt up a hill.

I was so pleased with the run - that as I was 20 mins or so from home - put on black eyed peas and ran home (mostly downhill) - what a pleasure.

we will see what sun brings with 25 mins......

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What a great end to a tricky week, it just shows that it's worth getting out and giving it a go even when the going isn't easy, roll on r3, ally x


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