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Come Rain or Shine

the first 2 session of Week 1 i managed to get up and out before 8am as it was a lovely sunny day, felt really energised for the rest of the day.

I have had to have 2 days rest as my ankle keeps playing up and so this morning, even though it was grey and miserable and wet i dragged my behind out of bed, strapped everything up and went off for a 5k walk.

Was tough as i walked past a lot of shortcuts back to my house in that 'fine rain that soaks you right through' but i carried on regardless and feel all smug now :)

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Well done!!!! Better to add an extra rest day or two then risk injury. Good job in getting a wet 5K in!!! :-) Gayle


Great job, I can picture your big smile, at least you won't get too hot when out in the rain! Ally x


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